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Dr. Shambhunath Choudhary

Post Doctorial Research Associate
College of Veterinarinary Medicine, University of Tennessee

Brief Biography:

Dr. Choudhary received his DVM-equivalent professional degree from the College of
Veterinary Medicine & Animal Sciences, Kerala Agricultural University, India in June,
2004, and PhD degree in Molecular Oncology from the College of Veterinary Medicine, the
University of Tennessee, USA in May, 2009. He is currently doing his postdoctoral
research training in the field of Cancer Biology at the University of Tennessee.


Academic positions:

Postdoctoral research associate


Research interests:

Dr. Choudhary’s research focuses on the identification of molecular targets of novel
anticancer agents (Histone deacetylase inhibitors) for developing targeted therapy
against human bladder, breast, and colon cancer. His research also involves the
identification of preventive agents to prevent the development and progression of
sporadic breast cancer caused by prolonged exposure to various environmental and dietary carcinogens.


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