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Dr. Maximilian Moser

Medical University
Institute for Physiology, Medical University Graz
Harrachgasse 21/5

Brief Biography:

Born 16.8.1956 in Klagenfurt, Austria,

Member of the Institute for Physiology, Medical University Graz, Austria. Head of the Human Research Institute for Health Technology and Prevention Research, Weiz, Austria.

- Leading scientist in three subprojects of the Austrian - Russian space mission AUSTROMIR and several following joint space projects.

- extended experience in clinical research as well as sleep, stress  and health prevention research.

Main areas of research: occupational health, autonomic nervous system, system physiology, heart rate variability, chronobiology, stress and recovery research, prevention.


1978                 Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology at the University of Graz,

1980                 PhD in biology and physiology, University of Graz

1983                 Assistant Professor in the UVA (Dept of Biomedical Engineering) in Charlottesville, Virginia

since 1991        Professor of Physiology at the University of Graz, Austria (now Medical University of Graz)

1999-2010         Founder and head of the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Institute of Non-Invasive Diagnosis, Weiz, since 2008 official Sleep Research Center of the European Sleep Research Society

since 2004        Guest Professor in Psychology, University of Klagenfurt

                        Guest Lecturer of the National Cardiovascular Research Center, Japan

                        Suggested for the 2008 Balzan Price for Prevention by the Rector of Medical University of Graz


Member of

  • AHA (American Heart Association: Basic Science Council, Circulation Council)
  • European Society for Sleep Research
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Balneologie und Klimatologie (Scientific Council)
  • Editorial advisory board of  “Current Immunology Reviews” and von  „Open Immunology Journal“


Textbook:   Hildebrandt G, Moser M, Lehofer M. Chronobiologie und Chronomedizin - kurzgefasstes Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch. Hippokrates Verlag, 1998.
(published in Japanese and Russian editions 2006)

Editor of the special section “Cancer and rhythm” of Cancer Causes and Control, vol. 17 (4), 2006.



Academic positions:

PhD, Prof


Research interests:


Autonomic nervous system

stress research

sleep research


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

open access to scientific information

break of information monopoles