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Dr. Antonio Fratini

Contract professor
University of Naples Federico II
Via Claudio,21

Brief Biography:

I am a committed professional working in a challenging business environment, an excellent communicator, resourceful, with good organisational abilities. I am a positive leader, team player, problem-solver with group work skills and an outgoing personality, curious and customer oriented, able to work under pressure and dealing with work and clients’ needs. I am willing to travel.

Professional Experience

2009 – 2011 R&D Department, Tsem Research

Research Director - Project & Product Manager – Chief Technology Officer

Technical and Research programs consulting services, co-working with leading Italian Industrial Companies: FIAT Group Automobiles, FERRARI, ELASIS, NOLAN, etc.

Responsible for products design and R&D projects management in the fields of Healthcare and Engineering. My role consists of manage and work with a team of professionals with different abilities in order to achieve the finest results. My role also involves customer training activities in co-operation with private & public bodies, management of client expectations, suggesting improvements and assuring the maximum customer satisfaction. I am involved in biomedical devices production & management as well as some relevant R&D projects management in the fields of personal health monitoring & rehabilitation. I have been lecturer on research subjects at national and international conferences and ECM seminars.

2011- Present Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Naples - Federico II, Italy

Contract Professor

Bioengineering, Electronics and Informatics.


2009-2010  Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Naples - Federico II, Italy

Contract Professor

Information processing systems & methods in medicine.


2008-2010 Dept. of Biom. Electr. and Telecomm. Eng., University of Naples – Federico II, Italy

Project Manager, System integrator, Product Designer

HealthCare, e-Health, TeleMedicine & TeleCare, Remote and Wireless Sensing

Research of low power electronic solutions for physiological signal acquisition.

In charge for “RECOM – Remote & Continuous Monitoring” project general management. The project has been partially funded by Regione Campania in the framework of POR Campania 2000/2006 Misura 3.17

My role also involved the design of high impedance front-end for biomedical signal acquisition, device prototypes development: electronic board layout, electrical and electronic components, microcontroller firmware.


2006 - 2009 Napoli, Italy

Project manager and Consultant

Medical devices, Technology Innovation, e-Health, Automotive, Energy storage, Breath Alcohol Analyzer; Training and business development activities for public and private companies.


2005 Dept. of Biom. Electr. and Telecomm. Eng., University of Naples – Federico II, Italy


Remote sensors, wearable electronics and wireless technologies

Lecturer on biomedical signal processing, wireless & remote sensing, at several international conferences and seminars


2004  Medicon and Health Telematics Conference, Ischia, Italy

Student technical staff member

Education and professional qualification


2009 Certificate in Management Studies - Master Diploma

Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University, field: Health Services and Systems Management


2009 PhD Diploma

Alma Mater Studiorum University, Bologna   field: Bioengineering


2007 Certified Engineering Licence

National Engineering Register - Sec. of Naples, Naples, Italy


2005 Degree in Electronic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering: Personal Monitoring  and Wearable Devices

Federico II University, Naples, Italy

The thesis aims to design a portable Bluetooth ECG monitoring system and to discuss the advantage of wireless communication protocols in personal monitoring devices.

An abstract of the thesis was published on the Proceedings of the 3rd European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference ‘05

2003 Certificate of Attendance  - European Course on Biomedical Engineering

Dept. of Medical Physics  Patras University, Patras, Greece 


Academic achievements


2009  Certificate of Merit - IEEE Award

IEEE - ITAB 2009 Larnaca, Cyprus


2008  Certificate of Merit - IFMBE Young Investigation Award

IFMBE - EMBEC 2008 Antwerp, Belgium


2005 XXI Bioengineering PhD Course Grant

Alma Mater Studiorum University, Bologna, Italy


2002 European Union Erasmus Project Grant

European Course on Biomedical Engineering – Dept. of Medical Physics

Patras University, Patras, Greece 

Other relevant info

Member of CNVR- Consorzio Veneto di Ricerca board of Directors

Author of over thirty international and national scientific publications

Selected as reviewer and chairman for international meetings

Foreign languages: fluent English (written & oral)

Proficient user of MS Office, Mac iWork, MATLAB, Xcode

Member of UMI (Unione Matematici Italiani)

Fitness Instructor - CONI – Italy


Academic positions:

Contract professor


Research interests:

Biosignal & Bioimage processing, Bomedical Electronics & wearable electronics, Health Technology assessment


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It may be an interesting way to knowledge excange and communicaiton within the scientific worldwide community