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Prof. Jose Prado

Universidad Nacional del Centro de la provincia de Buenos Aires
Del Valle 5737

Brief Biography:

Jose Luis Prado is professor of paleobiology at Central National University in Buenos Aires provine and co-director of the Center for research in archeology and paleontology of Quaternary (INCUAPA). He is a paleontologist with three decades of experience in research and public education and commitment to their democratic dimension of social equality in Argentina.
Prado study and performed his first works in the Museum of Natural Sciences of La Plata. In 1993 he began working at the National Central University in Buenos Aires province. In addition to his teaching and research activity, Prado spends much of his energy to tasks of university management. He served as Vice-Dean between 1996-2000 and as Dean between 2000-2008. Prado is recognized in the field of Paleontology research particularly for his work on fósil horses biology and evolution. He published two book and more than 130 articles and book chapters. These studies are based on morphology, stable isotopes, numerical taxonomy, cladism, historical biogeography and fossil DNA. In recent years he dedicated time to the enhancement and dissemination of Argentine Paleontological Heritage.


Academic positions:

Professor of Quaternary Paleobiology, Department of Archaeology, National Central University in Buenos Aires province (UNICEN)


Research interests:

Evolutionary Biology and Macroevolution. Fossil Mammals and Climatic Change.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Exellent idea that should stimulate greater discussion of scientific.