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Dr. Soraya Valles

Department of Physiology
School of Medicine, University of Valencia
Blasco IbaƱez 15

Brief Biography:

In 1990 I graduated in Biological Science at the University of Valencia and remained there to undertake a PhD under the supervision of Consuelo Guerri at Research Institution (Instituto de Investigaciones Citológicas), which I completed in 1996. During my PhD my dissertation was “Changes of astroglia intermediate filaments gene expression during rat brain development: Effect of alcohol exposure”. I analyze the events which occur during the early stages of astrogliogenesis during brain development, using “in vivo” and “in vitro” experiments. I did experiments in cells in culture primary as radial glia (stem cells in brain), astrocytes and neurons.

In 1997 I joined Eva Qwanstrom’s group at the Hallamshire Hospital (University of Sheffiel) in Sheffield, UK and spent three years involved in the identification of an adhesion-regulated subunit of the interleukin-1 (IL-1) receptor complex. I was working in immunology, cytokines, inflammation processes and matrix regulation of IL-1 responses.

In 2000 I returned to Spain at Department of Physiology, Medicine Faculty of Valencia. University of Valencia and I were appointed to a part-time position as Lectureship. In 2004 I was appointed to a fixed-term position as permanent University Lecturer at this department in the University of Valencia. During this time I was involved in the mechanisms of oxidative stress in the generation of Alzheimer’s disease with Jose Viña’s group. Also at this time I developed my lectures with Luis Such’s group with who I learned a lot about physiology and how to do a correct lecturer to pupils in my our department.

At this moment I am working in Alzheimer’s diseases and in inflammation and oxidative stress mechanisms. Also I would like to work in precursor cells and the subsequently ability to further differentiate into neurons and astroytes inside the brain. I order a grant from my sanity government and I still waiting for the resolution grant, about stem cells and brain.


Academic positions:

- B.S. in Biological Sciences, University of Valencia (1990, June).

- Fellow in Biochemistry of the University of Valencia (FISss: Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias de la seguridad social), 1992-1995.

- Fellow I.V.E.I. (Instituto Valenciano de Estudios e Investigacion) (post-doctoral), 1996.

- Fellow I.I.C. (Instituto de Investigaciones Citologicas) (post-doctoral), 1997.

- Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Valencia (1996, July). Dissertation: “Changes of astroglia intermediate filaments gene expression during rat brain development: Effect of alcohol exposure”; Supervisor: Dra. Consuelo Guerri.

- Postdoctoral position. From july 1996 to 31-10-1997. Instituto de Investigaciones Citológicas. Valencia, Spain.

- Postdoctoral Research Assistant. Hallamshire Hospital. University of Sheffield. Sheffield, UK. From: 1-11-1997. To: 31-10-2000.

- Postdoctoral position. Instituto de Investigaciones Citológicas. Valencia, Spain. From 2000 to 2004.

- Lecturer position (Profesor ayudante doctor). Department of Physiology. Medicine Faculty. University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain. 2004-2008.

- Lecturer position (Profesor contratado doctor) Permanent position. Department of Physiology. Medicine Faculty. University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain. Since 2008 to 2010

- Assistant Professor. (Profesor Titular). Permanent position. Department of Physiology, School of medicine, University of Valencia, Spain. Since 2010 to actually days.



Research interests:

I am working in Neurodegeneration and neurogenesis. I have two grants actually.

1) Effect of marihuana in the development of brain rats, neurons and astrocytes in primary culture.

2) Oxidative stress and inflammation in Alzheimer's diseases. Study in transgenic APP/Presenilin 1 and in neural cells in primary culture

3) Effect of amyloid beta in stem cells. Adult and embrionic stem cells. (Pendent acceptation)

4) Working with empresas. "Efect of oxidative stress and inflammation in tendons and muscles after sport damage. Recovery by EPI (Patent: Electrolisis percutanea intratisular)


Any other information:

- Chief and coordinator of brain banc of Valencia and Comunity Valencia. Brain banc with Alzheimer's diseases, Parkinson diseases, lewy diseases, etc.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Not only for scientists applying for WebmedCentral. We can obten global world information about science and help community scientists to research more addecuadly.