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Prof. Salvatore Criscione

past Director Pediatric Clinic
Experimental Medicine Dpt - University of L'Aquila

Brief Biography:

Salvatore Marco Criscione, male, physician, graduated in medicine from University la Sapienza Rome in 1970. He worked for the University of Rome “la Sapienza” (1970-1987) as : Assistant in Internal Medicine (1970-1973); Assistant in Paediatric Clinic (1973-1980); Associate Professor of Paediatrics (1980-1987). He became Full Professor of Paediatrics  (1988) in the University of L’Aquila (Italy) - Department of Experimental Medicine and Chief of the Academic Paediatric Area  (including: Paediatric Clinic, Neonatology, Infantile Neuropsichiatry, Paediatric Surgery)Specialistic graduations: Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases (1973); Paediatrics (1976); Fellowship in Allergy & Immunology (1977)  He was the only Italian partner of a European Project: AIM (Advanced Informatics in Medicine) on Quality Assurance in Pediatric Care and member of APA (Ambulatory Pediatric Association- USA).


Academic positions:

Past (now retired) Chief of Pediatric Clinic - University of L'Aquila -

Department of Experimental Medicine - Italy


Research interests:

Scientific main works deal with: Hypertension, Electron Mycroscope Studies on Liver, Seminal Liquid. In Children: Epidemiology of Pulmonary Diseases, Allergy, Coeliac Disease, Thyroid, Respiratory Viruses Infections, Host/Virus interactions, Cancer.


Any other information:

The actual main interest deals with Virus/Cancer/Host interactions


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I think that the idea behind Webmed Central is a good attempt to give counter corrent opportunities to researchers (mostly very young) who wish to make experiences of publishing on line and to elicit critical notes (positive or negative) about their work; albeit it depends on the quality of readers that want to share ideas or arguments with the writers and give their own opinions about. It cannot be anyhow a title for academic careers.