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Prof. Robert Siebers

Research Associate professor
Dept. of Medicine, University of Otago

Brief Biography:

Initially trained as a medical laboratory scientist in the netherlands and New Zealand. have been in research since 1984, initially in hypertension research and since 1996 in asthma and allergy research.


Academic positions:

Research Associate Professor Past Associate Dean of Research & Postgraduate Studies


Research interests:

The indoor environment and allergic diseases. Role of house dust mite, animal and insect allergens, and bacterial endotoxin and fungal B-glucan on respiratory symptoms and allergic sensitisation


Any other information:

Peer-reviewed publications last 10 years

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What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I like the idea that WebmedCentral Plus employs pre-publication peer-review and then continues on with post-publication peer-review. That way only robust articles will be published and remain under rigorous scientific scrutiny post publication.