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Ms. Temitope Adegun

Research Assistant
Clinical Molecular Biology/ Rhode Island Hospital

Brief Biography:

I am an enthusiastic and hardworking research assistant with experience in assay and system development. I design molecular and genetic assays that the laboratory will use in molecular diagnostics and train the medical technologists on how to properly run the tests.

I am seeking a position as a research assistant/technician in the field of HIV research. I have always been passionate about its research and treatment, particularly in developing countries. It is my dream to enter the fight against HIV/AIDS in hopes of finding a way to prevent, treat, or even cure this rapidly growing epidemic that affects so many worldwide. I hope to enter the field of HIV/AID research in the area of vaccine development. I am also interested in international medicine and the state of developing countries.


Academic positions:

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, biochemistry concentration. Minor in Biology


Research interests:

HIV/AID Vaccine Development, Infectious Disease, and Tropical Medicine


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

The think the idea behind WebmedCentral is a very good one. It allows all scientists to publish their work on just the basis of the research and findings without having to jump through hoops to appease a publisher.