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Dr. Bell Eapen

Specialist Dermatologist & Sr. consultant- Medical Innovations
Kaya Clinics (Middle East)

Brief Biography:

A dermatologist and computational biologist working in Dubai and a resident of Canada. Key skills include research methodologies, bioinformatics, computational & molecular biology and cosmetology.

Academic positions:

Specialist Dermatologist & Sr. consultant- Medical Innovations at Kaya Clinics, Middle East. Assistant Professor, Skin & STD; Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research institute (DU), INDIA. April 2001 to Jan 2004.

Research interests:

As a dermatologist and bioinformatician my research mainly involves application of bioinformatics techniques and tools in dermatological conditions. My research interests are varied as I am interested in a wide range of theoretical and practical issues in dermatology.

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