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Dr. Farokh Dotiwala

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Immune Disease Institute
10 Cherry St.

Brief Biography:

7+ years experience in molecular and cellular biology, including cell-based assays, nucleic acid blotting, protein blotting, cloning, PCR, microscopy, micromanipulation of cells, chromatin IP, vector design and construction, construction of bacterial and yeast strains and flow-cytometry. 7+ years experience in microbiology, bacterial and fungal genetics, cell cycle, DNA damage and repair, target validation, cell signaling, vesicular transport, and mechanism of action studies. 2.5 years experience studying mechanisms of cell death, apoptosis, inflammation, virology, cancer biology and immunology. 2.5 years experience in biochemistry, protein purification, FPLC, RNAi, construction of stable and transient mammalian cell lines and ELISA.


Academic positions:

Post-doctoral research fellow at the Immune Disease Institute


Research interests:

Immunology, Molecular and Cell Biology


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Post-submission peer review is a novel idea and one that would minimize politics in scientific publication.