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Dr. Lily Hsiao

Vice president
Moriya Eye and Skin Clinic
5-7-1, Mizukino

Brief Biography:

I was born in Taiwan in 1955. After graduated from Kaohsiung Medical University and one year intership in internal medicine, I moved to Japan. I spent 8 years in Kumamoto University and got a Medical Doctor Degree. I have practiced over 20 years in a town having 50 thousands population. I began reporting patients of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection diagnosed by a convient 2-minute Quick Tzanck Test in medical conference since 2005. Typical, single HSV infections were usually diagnosed by their typical clinicla picture. However, the recurrent HSV infection often combine with dermatitis. These patients are usually treated as atopci dermatitis. I have experience in treating over 1000 these kind of patients. To populize the Quick Tzanck Test and clinical response of the anit-viral agent is my duty.

Academic positions:

Vice president of the Moriya Eye and Skin Clinic, Director of the Dermatologic Department.

Research interests:

1.Immulogy 2.Herpes simplex virus infection

Any other information:

I reported on DermAtlas: online Dermatology Image Library 3 cases, on 2009. Please search: herpes simplex virus, Hsiao Lily I published a book in Chinese-English. The 2-minute Quick Tzanck Test to diagnose herpes simplex viral infection. ( cytologic and clinal atlas of skin diseases including atopic dermatitis) HO-CHI publication, 2011

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I admire the system of the WebmedCentral to fasten the speed of publication. Moreover, the review system is better than others.