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Dr. Sandip SenGupta

Professor of Pathology and Oncology
Queen's University
Richardson Laboratory, 88 Stuart Street

Brief Biography:

Dr. SenGupta is an Academic Laboratory Physician with almost 25 years of diverse professional experience in pathology and laboratory medicine, medical administration and executive medical leadership. His primary clinical interest is in cancer diagnosis. He is recognized provincially and nationally as an expert diagnostic consultant in breast diseases and in musculoskeletal diseases (i.e. soft tissue tumours).


Academic positions:

Experience: 1. 2011 – Present (1 year) : Chair, Breast National Cancer Pathology and Staging Multidisciplinary Expert Panel; Canadian Partnership Against Cancer: The CPAC Breast Site Multidisciplinary Panel provides direct input and advice on the development and implementation of protocols and standards in breast cancer pathology. The Panel supports the coordination and feedback into CAP Cancer Protocols and AJCC/UICC Staging Protocols. 2. July 1988 – Present (24 years 1 month) : Professor, Pathology and Molecular Medicine; Queen's University: (i)Dr. SenGupta is a medical educator: he teaches undergraduate medical students and postgraduate students (housestaff), supervises pathology graduate students (M.Sc., Ph.D,, post-doctoral fellows), and provides continuing professional development for healthcare professionals (nurses, physicians, technologists). (ii)Dr. SenGupta also is engaged in multi-disciplinary, translational research in breast cancer with colleagues in the Queen's Cancer Research Institute. The primary focus of his research is upon the identification of novel biomarkers of potential prognostic and predictive value. (iii)Dr. SenGupta also participates in multi-site, provincial and national clinical, pathological and epidemiological studies in breast cancer, including the development of a pan-Canadian clinical guideline regarding HER-2/neu testing. . 3. July 1988 – Present (24 years 1 month): Medical Director of Clinical Laboratories and Deputy Head of Pathology and Molecular Medicine; Kingston General Hospital: (i)Dr. SenGupta has been integrally involved in the management and direction of primary, secondary and tertiary care hospital laboratories. He is a champion of continuous quality improvement and Lean Process excellence in laboratory operations and design. He led the development of an innovative regional laboratory outreach program that features regular, accessible on-site subspecialty medical expertise (clinical chemistry, microbiology, hematology, pathology) in rural and small urban community hospitals. (ii)Dr. SenGupta has extensive experience in strategic and operational planning, execution, and outcomes monitoring through the use of corporate balanced scorecards and dashboard indicator reports. (iii)Dr. SenGupta holds medical staff privileges at Kingston General Hospital, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Ongwanada, Providence Care, Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital, and Lennox & Addington County General Hospital. 4. July 2009 – June 2012 (3 years) : Chief of Medical Staff and Chair of Medical Advisory Committee; Ongwanada: As an Ongwanada board member, Dr. SenGupta helped create a new vision, mission statement and strategic plan for Ongwanada. He chairs Ongwanada's Medical Advisory Committee which focuses upon continuous quality improvement and medical credentialing. 5. 2006 – 2008 (2 years): President of Joint Medical Staff Association of Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital; Hotel Dieu Hospital (i)Dr. SenGupta served as a member of the Board of Directors of both hospitals during his term of office on the Medical Staff executive. He was also Chair of the Professional Staff By-laws Committee and Chair of the Credentials Committee. 6. 2004 – 2005 (1 year): Chair, QMP-LS OLA Advisory Panel; Ontario Medical Association: Quality Management Program - Laboratory Services provides external quality assurance and laboratory accreditation services. Dr. SenGupta was a member and subsequently the Chair of the Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (OLA) Advisory Panel that adjudicated on matters of accreditation for Ontario's public and privately funded laboratories. 7. 2001 – 2003 (2 years): President; Canadian Association of Pathologists: Dr. SenGupta created a new Mission Statement for the CAP and served as the voice of the CAP on the national stage in discussions with other medical specialty societies, the Canadian Medical Association and the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons. He was instrumental in preparing a written submission to the Romanow Commission into the Future of Health Care in Canada. 8. 1997 – 1999 (2 years): President; Ontario Association of Pathologists: During his tenure as President of the OAP, Dr. SenGupta also served as the Editor-in-Chief of the OAP Newsletter. He liaised closely with the OMA Section on Laboratory Medicine and advocated strongly for forensic pathology affairs. 9. 1996 – 1999 (3 years): Chair, Tariff Committee, Section on Laboratory Medicine; Ontario Medical Association: (i)Dr. SenGupta participated in the revision of the resource based relative value system for OHIP physician payments. He also was a member of the Ministry of Health's tri-partite fee schedule review committee for laboratory medicine. Honors and Awards: 1. January 2012: Professional of the Year 2012: Healthcare, Education and Diagnosis 2. May 2011: Canadian Certified Physician Executive 3. July 2011: Lifetime Member


Research interests:

Cancer diagnosis, Laboratory Medicine Consultation, Laboratory Management, Direction and Accreditation, Medical Management and Executive Medical Leadership, Teaching Health Care Professionals, Breast Cancer Research


Any other information:

Most recent publications:

1. Loss of PPARy expression in mammary secretory epithelial cells creates a pro-breast tumourigenic environment. Apostoli AJ, Skelhorne-Gross GEA, Rubino RE, Peterson NT, Di LenaMA, Schneider MM, SenGupta SK, Nicol CJB. International Journal of Cancer (impact factor: 5.44). 08/2013; DOI:10.1002/ijc.28432
2. Increased risk of breast cancer associated with long-term shift work in Canada. Grundy A, Richardson H, Burstyn I, Lohrisch C, SenGupta SK, Lai AS, Lee D, Spinelli JJ, Aronson KJ. Occup Environ Med doi:10.1136/oemed-2013-101482.
3. Impact of Boost Radiation in the Treatment of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ: A Population-Based Analysis. Rakovitch E, Narod S, Nofech-Moses S, Hanna W, Thiruchelvam T, Saskin R, Taylor C, Tuck A, Youngson B, Miller N, Done SD, SenGupta SK, Elavathil L, Jani PA, Bonin M, Metcalfe S, Paszat L. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics 07/2013; 86(3):491-497
4. Can we select individuals with low risk ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)? A population-based outcomes analysis? Rakovitch E, Nofech-Mozes S, Narod SA, Hanna W, Thiruchelvam D, Saskin R,  Taylor C, Tuck A, SenGupta SK, Elavathil L, Jani PA, Done SJ, Miller N, Youngson B, Kong I, Paszat P. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 03/2013
5. HER2 testing in breast cancer: current pathology challenges faced in Canada. Hanna W, Barnes P, Berendt R, Chang M, Magliocco A, Mulligan AM, Rees H, Miller N, Elavathil L, Gilks B, Pettigrew N, Pilavdzic D, SenGupta SK. Current Oncology 2012 Volume 19, Number 6, pages 315-323.
6. Stromal adipocyte PPARgamma protects against breast tumorigenesis. Skelhorne-Gross G, Reid AL, Apostoli AJ, Di Lena MA, Rubino RE, Peterson NT, Schneider M, SenGupta SK, Gonzales FJ, Nicol CJ. Carcinogenesis July 2012.  PMID:22581835
7. Automated Quantitative Analysis of p53, Cyclin D1, Ki67 and pERK Expression in Breast Carcinoma Does Not Differ from Expert Pathologist Scoring and Correlates with Clinico-Pathological Characteristics. Cass JD, Varma S, Day AG, Sangrar W, Rajput AB, Raptis LH, Squire J, Madarnas Y, SenGupta SK, Elliott BE. Cancers 4:725-742, 2012. (IF: open access)
8. Ezrin phosphorylation on tyrosine 477 regulates invasion and metastasis of breast cancer cells. Mak H, Naba A, Varma S, Schick C, Day A, SenGupta SK, Arpin M, Elliott BE. BMC Cancer 12:82, 2012, (IF:3.01)
9. Immunohistochemical Assessment of Expression of Centromer Protein-A (CENPA) in Human Invasive Breast Cancer Rajput AB, Hu N, Varma S, Chen C-H, Ding K, Park PC, Chapman J-A W, SenGupta SK, Madarnas Y, Elliott BE, Feilotter HE. Cancers 3:4212-4227. 2011. (IF: open access)

Previous experience of Peer review:

1. since 2012; Member, Editorial Board of Cancers
2. Since 2011; Member, Editorial Board of ISRN Pathology


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