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Dr. Ervin Mingomataj

Dept. of Allergology & Clinical Immunology, Mother Theresa School of Medicine
Rruga M. Shyri, P. 47,Apt. 15, Tirana

Brief Biography:


Education: Grammar School: 1976-84, in Tirana

High School: 1984-88, Sami Frasheri in Tirana

University: 1988-93, General Medicine, University of Tirana


Academic positions:

Post-university education and employment:

09/93 - 10/94: Practicum, “Mother Theresa” School of Medicine (MTSM) in Tirana

10/94 - 12/98: General Physician, Dept. of Allergology – MTSM

01/96 - 12/98: Specialization in Allergology & Clinical Immunology - MTSM

01/99 - today: Specialist in the Dept. of Allergology, MTSM

06/00 – 03/03: Specialization in diverse university clinics of Allergology & Immunology in Charité (Campus Mitte and Campus Virchow Klinikum), as well as in the Pneumology Hospital Emil von Behring inBerlin

09/04 - today: Part time lecturer in the Nursing Faculty, field of Histology

06/05 - today: Associate Editor of Journal of Nursing Faculty “Mjekesia

Bashkekohore & Kujdesi Infermieror”

09/05 - today: Member of Reviewers Team in the field of Allergology &

Immunology of “Indian Journal of Medical Sciences” (IJMS)

07/06: Gain the “Master of Sciences” diploma in the Faculty of General

Medicine in Tirana

10/06 - today: Member of Reviewers Team of “Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology” (AAAI)

12/06 - today: Member of Reviewers Team of “Iranian Journal of Allergy,

Asthma & Immunology” (IJAAI), and ”Thorax”

04/07 - today: Part time lecturer in Nursing Faculty, even for field of Embryology

09/07 - today: Member of Editorial Board of AAAI (period of time 01/01/2008 – 01/01/2010, extended up to 2013)

12/07 - today: Member of Advisory Board of “The Open Allergy Journal” (OAJ)

06/11 – 06/13: Board Member of Insect Venom Hypersensitivity Interest Group of EAACI

09/11: Gain the scientific title “Dr. med. (equivalent of Ph.D.) from the Free University and Humboldt University, Charite - School of Medicine in Berlin - Germany


Research interests:

Active participated: In Word Congress of World Allergy Organization in Munich,

Annual Congresses of EAACI in Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna and Barcelona, EAACI Summer School in Budapest, Kiev & Yalta, Dubrovnik and Prague, Charité Summer School of Allergology & Clinical Immunology in Berlin (2 times), Balkan Congresses of Allergology (1998 – poster), and (2008 – oral presentation and Workshops Chair), World Conference Ehrlich II, and many other events

Researches: Different clinical trials in the Allergology presented orally in Tirana and as poster in various events in European countries

Different experimental researches conducted in Allergology

Researching Unit of Charité presented orally or as poster national or international meetings of European and North-American Countries

A part of these trials is published in international scientific periodicals. I am also active in the professional periodicals as author of different review and theorical papers  

Additional activity: Reviewer of different manuscripts addressed for publication to

Indian Journal of Medical Sciences, Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, Iranian Journal of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, The Open Allergy Journal, Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, Iranian Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas, Oman Medical Journal, Journal of Clinical Medicine & Research

Member: ASACI, EAACI, DGAKI, ACAAI (host of great member benefits)


Any other information:

Original and review papers:
1. Mingomataj E, Priftanji A, Qirko E, Dinh QT, Fischer A, Peiser C, and Groneberg DA. Specific immunotherapy in Albanian patients with anaphylaxis to hymenoptera venom. BMC Dermatology 2002; 2: 11.
2. Ervin Mingomataj, Drini Ohri, Violeta Dhimitri, Alfred Priftanji, Etleva Qirko, Liri Pani, Tanja C. Fischer, Q. Thai Dinh, Christian Peiser, Axel Fischer, David A. Groneberg. Hymenoptera sting anaphylactic reactions in the Mediterranean population of Albania. Journal of Investigational Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2003; 13(4): 272 - 7.
3. Q. Thai Dinh, David A. Groneberg, Erwin Mingomataj, Christian Peiser, Werner Heppt, Stephen Dinh, Petra C. Arck,  Burghard F. Klapp and Axel Fischer. Expression of substance P and vanilloid receptor (VR1) in trigeminal sensory neuron projecting to the mouse nasal mucosa. Neuropeptides 2003, 37(4): 245 -50.
4. Dinh QT, Groneberg DA, Peiser C, Mingomataj E, Joachim RA, Witt C, Arck PC, Klapp BF, Fischer A. Substance P expression in TRPV1 and trkA-positive dorsal root ganglion neurons innervating the mouse lung. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology 2004; 144(1): 15 - 24.
5. Dinh QT, Mingomataj E, Quarcoo D, Groneberg DA, Witt C, Klapp BF, Braun A, Fischer A. Airway allergic inflammation induces tachykinin peptides expression in vagal sensory neurons innervating mouse airways. Clinical and Experimental Allergy 2005; 35(6): 820-5.    
6. Mingomataj EÇ, Xhixha F, Gjata E. Helminthes can protect themselves against rejection inhibiting hostile respiratory allergy symptoms. Allergy 2006; 61(4): 400 – 6.
7. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj. Favorable hymenoptera sting reactions during childhood may have enabled transmission of responsible allergic genotype into generations. Medical Hypotheses 2006; 67(2): 327 – 32.
8. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj, Odilija Rudzeviciene. From latent incubation launched into hostile symptomatic pathology: a probable survival strategy for common respiratory infectious agents. Medical Hypotheses 2007; 68(2): 397 – 400.
9. Ervin Mingomataj. Changing world as principal reason for atopy rising trend. Internet Journal of Asthma, Allergology and Immunology 2007; 5: 2.
10. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj, Fatmira Xhixha, Enkelejda Gjata, Entela Hyso, Etleva Qirko. Prevalence of a family history of atopic disease among 3 generations of atopic respiratory patients in Tirana, Albania. Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology 2008; 18(3): 190 - 3.
11. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj. Eosinophil-induced prognosis improvement of solid tumors could be enabled by their vesicle-mediated barrier permeability induction. Medical Hypotheses 2008; 70(3): 582 - 4.
12. Mingomataj E, Dinh QT, Groneberg D, Wu S, Feleszko W, Schmeck B, Joachim R, Noga O, Nagel S, Klapp BF, Fischer A. Trigeminal nasal-specific neurons respond to nerve growth factor with substance-P biosynthesis. Clinical and Experimental Allergy 2008; 38(7): 1203 - 11.
13. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj. The absence of supplemental induction of neurotrophin receptors on the bronchial epithelia during bronchial asthma may lead to the epithelial denudation. Bioscience Hypotheses 2008; 1(2): 112 - 4.
14. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj. The pleiotropism of nerve growth factor sensorial pathway: supplemental growth stimuli could be required during danger signalization like as surviving proclaim. Iranian Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas 2008; 2: 16.
15. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj, Enkelejda Gjata, Fatmira Xhixha, Entela Hyso. A case of isocyanate-induced asthma possibly complicated by food allergy after peanut consumption: a case report. Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 2008; 3: 29.
16. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj, Alketa Bakiri. The inhibition of kallikrein-bradykinin pathway may be useful in the reduction of allergic reactions during honeybee venom immunotherapy. Iranian Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas 2009; 3: 10.
17. Arben H. Ndreu, Kastriot M. Shytaj, Arben S. Pilaca, Arian K. Harxhi, Dhimiter V. Kraja, Elizana Y. Petrela, Petrit I. Bara, and Ervin Ç. Mingomataj. Dexamethasone efficacy on Bacterial Meningitis – a retrospective analysis of Albanian adult patients. Journal of Infection in Developing Countries 2009; 3(11): 849-55.
18. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj, and Alketa H. Bakiri. Management approaches to the immediate hymenoptera venom allergy associated with non-detectable IgE-mediated sensitization. The Open Allergy Journal 2010; 3: 16-23.
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20. Alketa Hysni Bakiri, Ervin Çer?iz Mingomataj.
Parasites induced skin allergy: a strategic manipulation of the host immunity. J Clin Med Research 2010; 2(6): 247-55.
21. Alketa Hysni Bakiri, Ervin Çer?iz Mingomataj.
Urticaria as symptom of parasite migration through the biological barriers. The Open Allergy Journal 2011; 4: 1-7.
22. Ervin Ç Mingomataj, Enkeleda Gjata, Alketa Bakiri, Fatmira Xhixha, Entela Hyso, Alkerta Ibranji.
Gliadin allergy manifested with chronic urticaria, headache and amenorrhea. BMJ Case Reports 2011; doi: 10.1136/bcr.10.2011.4907

Coauthor in international book publication:
1. Ervin Ç Mingomataj, Alketa Bakiri. Insights on perspectives of hymenoptera venom immunotherapy. In: Gjersoe J, Hundstad S. Venoms: Sources, Toxicity and Therapeutic Uses, Nova Science Publishers Inc. 2010; ISBN: 978-1-60876-448-8.   
2. Ervin Ç Mingomataj, Alketa H. Bakiri.
An overview of eosinophil function: redefinition of their classical role to a breaker of biological barriers. In: Eosinophils: Structure, BiologicalProperties and Role in Disease, Nova Science Publishers Inc. 2012; (in press).
3. Ervin Ç. Mingomataj, Alketa H. Bakiri. The role of neuroimmune and psychological systems in the pathophysiology of bronchial asthma. In: Poto?nik U. Bronchial asthma: causes, complications and treatment, Nova Science Publishers Inc. 2012; (chapter, in press).


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