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Dr. Philip Ney

Dept. of Psychology, Mount Joy College

Brief Biography:

Graduated from University of British Columbia,MD. McGill University,Dip Psych, University of London, DPM University of Illinois, MA. Presently licensed to practice in British Columbia in psychiatry and psychology. Have FRCP(C) Have been editorial reviewer for a number of journals, Was on the board of Canadian J of Psychiatry. 70+ publications, 7 books


Academic positions:


1. 1953-1955: University of Victoria
2. 1956-1960: MD; University of British Columbia
3. 1961-1965: Dip Psychiatry; McGill University
4. 1963-1964: DPM; University of London and Conjoint Board
5. 1967-1968: MA (Child Dev.); University of Illinois
6. 1963-1965: License; General Medical Council (England)

Appointments Held

1. 1964-1965 Chief Resident, Allan Memorial Institute, McGill University, Teaching Fellow
2. 1965-1966 Consulting Psychiatrist, Mental Health Centre, Burnaby, British Columbia
3. 1966-1967 Consulting Psychiatrist, Woodlands School for the Retarded, New Westminster, BC
4. 1966-1968 Self-employed, Vancouver, BC
5. 1968-1969 Chairman of the Research Committee, Adler Zone Centre, Illinois, USA
6. 1968-1969 Consulting Psychiatrist, Department of Mental Health, Champagne, Illinois, USA
7. 1968-1976 Westminster Foundation for Psychological & Religious Studies, Vancouver, BC
8. 1968-1976 Member, Medical Advisory Committee, G.R. Pearkes Clinic, Victoria, BC
9. 1969-1970 Consulting Psychiatrist, Mental Health Centre, Victoria, BC
9. 1969-1970 Chairman, Vancouver Island Chapter of Psychiatrists, BC
10. 1969-1970 Member, Executive Committee, Psychiatric Section of the British Columbia Medical Society
11. 1969-1976 Assistant Clinical Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
12. 1970-1975 Area Clinician and Co-ordinator, Child & Family Unit, Eric Martin Institute of the Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, BC
13. 1971-1972 President, Society for Counselling, Psychotherapy and Human Development.
14. 1971-1974 Council Member, Camosun College, Chairman Curriculum Committee, Victoria, BC
15. 1971-1975 Trustee, Greater Victoria School Board, Chairman, Curriculum Committee, 1972.
16. 1971-1976 Member, Clinical Competence Committee, Department of Psychology, University Of Victoria.
17. 1971-1977 Editorial Board, Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal.
18. 1974-1976 Head of the Division of Psychiatry, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, BC
19. 1976-1977 Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, University of Hong Kong.
20. 1976-1979 Associate Clinical Professor, University of British Columbia.
21. 1977-1980 Area Clinician & Co-ordinator, Child & Family Unit, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Eric Martin Institute, Victoria, BC
22. 1979-1980 Head, Department of Child Psychiatry, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, BC
23. 1979 Visiting Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand.
24. 1980-1981 Clinical Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.
25. 1980-1985 Professor and Head, Department of Psychological Medicine, Christchurch Clinical School, University of Otago, New Zealand.
26. 1980-1985 Board Member, Mental Health Foundation, New Zealand.
27. 1980-1985 Chairman, Child Psychiatric Services, Canterbury Hospital Board.
28. 1985-1988 Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
29. 1985-1987 Senior Medical Consultant, Woods Christian Home.
30. 1986-1988 Co-ordinator, 2nd Year Residents Teaching Seminars, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
31. 1987-1990 Consultant, Calgary Young Offenders Centre, Calgary, Alberta.
32. 1988-1989 Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
33. 1988-1993 Director, Adolescent Unit, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Victoria, BC
34. 1990-2005 Clinical Professor, Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine, UBC, Vancouver, BC.
35. 1990 Private practice, Victoria, BC
36. 1991 President, Mount Joy College, Victoria, BC


Research interests:

Child abuse and neglect, Child Hyperactivity, Autism, Substance Abuse in Youth, Pregnancy Loss and Trauma, Transcultural psychiatry


Any other information:


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