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Dr. Pankaj Kumar

Research associate
VIDO-International Vaccine Center Canada
VIDO-International Vaccine Center Canada

Brief Biography:

Dr. Pankaj Kumar University of Saskatchewan, Canada Research Associate

Email: pak100@mail.usask.ca, panky8@yahoo.com


1. June 2011: Research associate, viral vaccine group at VIDO-InterVac- design & development of novel nonhuman adenoviral vector based platform technologies for vaccine delivery
2. 2008 to 2011: Senior postdoctoral scientist at ‘Environment Health Institute, Biopolis’, Singapore and National University of Singapore.
3. 2007: C)    Scientist (viral vaccines development) at Panacea Biotech Limited, Biopharmaceutical research center (BRC), New Delhi, India
4. 2004 to 2007: D)    Postdoctoral research fellow at Department of Molecular Sciences, University of Tennessee, USA
5. 1999 to 2004: Ph.D. in Molecular Virology from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar   Center for Bio-Medical Research and Department Of Respiratory Virology & Biochemistry, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi, Delhi, India


Academic positions:

Dr. Pankaj Kumar University of Saskatchewan, Canada Research Associate


1. ‘Young Scientist Grant’ from conference secretariat, V International conference on Option for control of Influenza. Okinawa, Japan 2003.
2. Qualified ‘National Eligibility Test’ for Lectureship (NET) Life Sciences conducted by Government of India (CSIR-UGC).

Professional Membership:

1. Stem cell Society, Singapore, Life member
2. Singapore Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology, Member
3. International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID), USA, Life member
4. Indian Immunology Society, AIIMS, New Delhi India.
5. Biotechnology Society of India, VPCI, Delhi India.
6. European Federation of Biotechnology, (EFB) Theodor-Heuss-Alee 25 -60486 Frankfurt am Main. Germany.


Research interests:

Vector design for vaccine and gene therapy applications, immortalization of primary cell lines, Preclinical in vivo experiments in animal models, development & scale-up of recombinant antigen protein & purification, establishment of improved & clinically viable immunodiagnostic assays, microcarrier cultures, polychromatic flow cytometry & immunocytochemistry, fluorescent & confocal laser scanning microscopy with strong background in molecular and cellular biology.


Any other information:


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