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Mr. Rajnish Sahu

Senior Research and Development Biologist
National Center for Natural Products Research, University of Mississippi

Brief Biography:

Primary responsibility include running the Screening of antimalarial compounds from Natural and synthetic sources with Plasmodium berghei which includes passaging and maintenance of parasite in vivo, dosing, Maximum tolerated dose study for compound dose safety, Monitoring and weighing of animals to follow the IACUC guidelines for euthanasia. Preparation of compounds in suitable vehicle for dosing. Post dosing monitoring for adverse effects and toxicity signs. Blood and organs collection from mouse. Blood smear preparation from tail blood to measure the P. berghei parasite load in mouse, recently optimized counting on flow cytometer for parasitemia. Data analysis for suppression, survival, statistical and final report submission. Secondary responsibilities include In vitro maintenance various protozoan parasites: Plasmodium falciparum, Leishmania donovani (promastigotes and axenic amastigotes), Trypanosoma brucei and screening of compounds for all three anti parasitic activity and cytotoxicity. CYP450 dependent hematotoxicity (Methemoglobin and Reactive oxygen species generation, Total and reduced Glutathione measurement) screening for compounds in Normal and G6PD deficient blood from Human volunteers. Developed many fluorescent-imaging techniques for different cell lines used in lab. Validated protocols for flow cytometry to run them for routine screening. Optimization and validation of assay for reduced time without loosing accuracy and transform them for routine High through put screening. Training provided to others colleague at the center for Microscopy and Flow cytometry. Blood sample processing in Human trial on Metabolites identification of Primaquine conducted twice at University of Mississippi as part of the associated project. Immunomodulatory activity screening in mice for extracts prepared from Withania Somnifera. Techniques used plaque formation, hemagglutination antibody titration, phagocytosis, nitric oxide, lymphocyte transformation and delayed type hypersensivity. CD4 and CD8 and other CD detection experiment and analysis by flow cytometry. Reports preparation and submission. Immunomodulatory profile of Antimalarial drug Artemether. Techniques learned and used were in vivo passaging, counting plasmodium yoelli from blood smear. Immunomodulatory techniques.

Academic positions:

Senior Research and Development Biologist Jul 12 - Current • National Center for Natural Product Research, University of Mississippi, Promoted to Sr. R&D Biologist. Research and Development Biologist Dec 07 – Jul 12 • National Center for Natural Product Research, University of Mississippi, Promoted to R&D Biologist. Visiting Scholar Jan 07 – Dec 07 • National Center for Natural Product Research, University of Mississippi, as Visiting Scholar. Project assistant Sep 04 – Jan 07 • Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow, India as Project Assistant.

Research interests:

Parasitology, New drug development, Drug Metabolism, Cell biology, Microbiology,

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There are a lot of thoughtful responses about WebmedCentral. But it seems that it's basically a opened way to talk about science.

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