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Ms. Hon. Dr. Jaimie Dimitrius

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Molecular Medicine & Biophysics UQD
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Brief Biography:

I’m a forensic investigator and medical researcher. While I study medicine I also study economic medicine and economic theory. I study and research! I have been invited to research in terrorism groups. Great information at tracterrorism.org Currently I’m studying ideas for peaceful economic and cultural negotiations between Brazil, Russia, India and China [BRIC] the big four successful economies of the world. America owes over 1.3+ trillion dollars to China so this is essential in many aspects for international security. It is essential that the borrowers negotiate with the lenders. The American national debt stands at 18.7 trillion dollars this year. I am an open source intelligence analyst that analyzes need to know data on a need to know basis from the Open Source Center [OSC] related to 9/11 and other bio-security threats. Also I have written an open symposium about a document in transition from Chinese to English in 1999 but required over three years to translate it into English by the CIA. I’m currently proposing my symposium to the International Criminal Court [ICC] for recognition. A reputable U.N official desires to refer my research to the ICC confidentially. Within the CIA translated document; it advocated the use of bioterrorism within the Chinese document, presenting probable questions not conspiracy theories. Additionally the Chinese military manual cited the destruction of the World Trade Center [WTC] buildings in 1999 before it was released in 2002. Meaning there was prior knowledge within the CIA before 9/11. This Chinese military manual has been accepted by war generals. The Chinese document cites the use of Osama Bin Laden using explosives. Additionally I have the confidential WTC insurance risk report in my symposium which states that only 35% of the buildings would only be destroyed by jet airliners from the Architects and Engineers who designed the WTC towers. All of my predictions regarding 2015 being a bad year in terror was read about years ago when I had posted this on the internet and made many posts. Predictive profiling is used to determine the future. Terror will deductively continue worldwide for a decade or more.
Specialties: Inorganic and non-organic chemistry,Biochemistry,Neurology,Neuropathology,Forensic Pathology,Forensic Medicine,Forensic Entomology,Biophysics,Microbiology,Immunology,Toxicology,OSINT,Economic Medicine ©2020


Chemiluminescence of the Novel Coronavirus


Date: 04/15/2020





   I am writing publicly to many organizations for the basis surface testing the BSL-3 Novel Coronavirus. I am a medical enthusiast and independent researcher of many different topics for first responder safety, military and public servants and I thought I could be of assistance to public health agencies and public persons. So, my idea is to surface test for the virus using a public safety methodology already researched and privately deployed in the private sector. There is also one method that I will propose to surface test for surface floral contamination for preventative floral germ spread and as it is already developed and just not used often enough to test for live viruses, DNA, blood splatter and other kinds of floral samples for the virology labs. Using illuminating sprays, powders or chemical luminescence for public servants and first responders we can detect viruses and bacteria in various hotspot locations worldwide.




There is what is called chemical luminescence or biological luminescence and it can be perfected to do numerous actions, detect aerosol levels of contamination from shedding skin, germ warfare testing from unmanned drones, or autonomous vehicles spraying sticky chemicals that can bind to lung tissue if aerosolized in large quantities. One of these chemicals could be, hairspray combined with a chemical or biological agent with the right purposeful molecular, biological weight and size as an agent. There can be large or medium size business contractors that register with the government to protect our citizens and our soldiers, Army servicemen and first responders will be the most important, alongside our knowledgeable healthcare workers as a part of a public service to them. Detection of airborne contaminants and purposeful deliberate sprays as well as environmental contamination, of our contact surfaces as well as persons or individuals.


Protection of the first responders entering into homes, vehicles, hospitals, airplanes, or ground zero will be extremely beneficial, to the first responders protecting these areas as well as surface screening for biological contamination. Only a preventative approach can work, as this works with Coronavirus flora, we can understand the uses and preventative approach better, for other disabling viruses. This will help us serve our public better, it will help tourism and the airline industry doing business transactions. It certainly will be the only known preventative approach to the floral spread of the virus regarding surfaces. When deployed for the use in hospitals it will protect workers and require less use of personal protective equipment [PPE] whenever necessary due to the limitations in production or distribution of PPE suits or gowns etc. So, it saves management costs. Not to mention Luminol prevents intentional spread of the virus.


Since the costs go down in management, more attention can be given to fighting Corona.





Chemiluminescence of the Novel Coronavirus


  Luminol is a chemical used in forensics, there is a source called Forensics Source from SafariLand. They are a Canadian company that could sell large quantities of the Luminol for a public response, as well as other stock market DOW chemical companies willing to sell and manufacture the product to be used in the detection of Coronavirus samples from surfaces, to sift through people’s items at airports etc. This will greatly reduce the downtime of the TSA and airline industry and provide a timely response to this outbreak, for 18 months to years. There is a potential for the virus to remain in society.


There are limitations on Luminol as it can be used for good and for bad, like obstructing a crime scene before investigators get there. So, there has to be some limited availability of product sales. If this is done and implemented correctly, we can stop the virus from spreading in public places by causing others to limit germs from spreading. Illumination of the virus samples, for microscopic testing is also plausible. In fact, this has been researched by numerous governmental institutions, like China. It is clinically possible to use electron micrographs and glow the Coronavirus samples. I cite that reference at the end of this document proposal, as valid clinical research is needed. However, many testing units are available for purchase for institutes and colleges. It just requires special imaging of the specimens at microscopic levels. This is a critical point in time to stop the virus from evolving more.


Mission Statement:


My proposal or intellectual property [IP] will not generate kickbacks. This is not a fictitious way of getting attention, or to obtain any kind of wire fraud as I think that is already a problem limiting the use of research funds, personal donations and other financial contributions to solving a long-term problem. My mission is to use product availability and awareness to fight a growing mortality rate and gain medical credit where possible. My protective instincts tell me it is time for researchers to invest time into this, find out if it works and how and combat the virus. There is a long-term potential for this scientific method, to combat other stealth viruses for the long term future.


As already mentioned, sprays and airborne contaminants may be an issue in biological warfare and deploying an airborne aerosol of this chemical called Luminol may be able to illuminate clouds of biological agents, contaminants from missiles, aircraft, helicopters and ships. It may be extremely beneficial to the Army for their continued development of counter warfare strategies. I’m also interested in ideas to illuminate radioactive isotopes or fallout. There may be a whole area for the Pentagon, to research for the Army. SafariLand makes products like vests, helmets and combative equipment and police equipment as well as chemically resistant communications cables and forensics kits. This is a state-of-the-art military and LEA, LEO company in this field and SafariLand is the very best. I encourage greater development and research with their product Luminol, as not very many manufactures make it, as it is commonly used for forensic response and not for pandemic response but it could save lives for first responders and vulnerable people.


The first responder community can include doctors, nurses, caregivers and hospital staff etc.



   How Luminol Works:


The proposition I support is creating a small business; that caters to first responders selling the product. It could be any of the providers previously listed; or it could be another provider. Such a company would need to provide the Luminol to first responders and be able to meet needed deadlines. The debate among some, may be that it only detects blood and not surface germs, but in high enough quantity it could produce the quality controls, that hospitals need to contain the virus adequately enough. While luminol only works for a half a minute, any photographer and a bottle could solve big relative issues, including where the contamination is and avoidance. Women are more aware of their cleanness compared to men vs women.


Some infrared thermal activity can be observed but only in large quantities and the protons need to interact accordingly. Luminol can contribute to the detection of surface contamination, which is why it is used in forensics, to determine surface contamination; even among investigators. Floral germs, fecal deposits and other flora could be on the surface of clothing until it is screened before entering a crime scene. The same preventative efforts apply to germ warfare and biological agents, in small quantities. Though small quantities may infect a person, large trace quantities could be detected quite fairly with Luminol. All of this is up for academic certification review, peer review or medical support from support staff and academic researchers. College studies in Forensics.


Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] could be supplemented with Nuclear Biological Chemical equipment, known as NBC protective suits. Some newer manufacturers prefer the term Chemical Nuclear Biological [CNB] protective equipment. All of the defense stocks can be used for doctors. Ambulatory services could have far more control over what is not known, to be infectious. For example, spotting a victim’s clothes, after handling a patient could be the difference between life and death for other workers and other contacted patients, therefore it can potentially limit the spread of the virus for as long as the product is available and it is produced. It limits the overall need to use harsh cleaning chemicals, when and where it is not necessary. This can reduce the possibility of cancer. 


                                                                9/11 and COVID-19 Disability


With the growing pandemic it is important to remember our first responders, that gave more than a decade of their life to live for September 11th 2001. Many of the first responders have lung problems and many types of cancers for that matter. So, for the federal government to protect these witnesses it will be beneficial to the national memorial of September 11th as we are heading, into the 19th and 20th anniversary of 9/11. In a documentary on 9/11 from CBS ten years later, it is said that first responders gave twelve years of their lung function to the attack and that means, at least twelve to ten years of lung function was lost due to health complications. Too much has been forgotten in nearly twenty years’ time. More attention needs to be paid to these forgotten men and women on the front line.


Secondly, there are many at risk groups that get sick faster than others that believe they are abandoned by the city of New York and the federal government. This needs to stop, or we may be at risk of losing some really good people, that were witnesses that day. The majority of New York and the streets of Manhattan was unsafe to breathe the air, even though the EPA said it was safe, these people are more environmentally prone to getting sick than any other part of that city as many have lung cancers, or may be unaware that something is wrong with them, from the fibers they inhaled that day. It is imperative that New York be assisted more for this reason. Forensics can play vital roles in diagnostics, to determine what is infecting a person or a crowd of people, contact tracing.



There was nano-tubes that were aerosolized in large quantities and first responder’s plus citizens as well as witnesses breathed it in. Even the reporters themselves became sick to document 9/11. Out of all the first responders, 9/11 is one of the most important documented events with eye witness accounts in all of human history. Without them we are falling short. To this day, it is a prerequisite for FBI agents to attend, the September 11th memorial site to gain insight.


The worst thing anyone can do to victims, is to capitalize on their tragedy, but at this time money and protective isolation is needed for these at-risk individuals. I think that protective detection is a good terminology, for these brave men and women that live with their cancers. If there were only four hundred ventilators, these men and women cannot do without and there should be more ventilators given the possibilities for at risk groups and individuals. We cannot delay the need.


At Risk Groups


 The protective detection using Luminol for these at-risk groups should be available. As that is a way of determining the germ spread in the environment, it would be effective to do it if they were all put into isolation in the same protected area. Make sense? I think so. The same preventative efforts to not contaminate a crime scene could be used to help protect the elderly, even sick children that are at high risk of contracting the virus. COVID-19 is only going to get worse, so if businesses team up to produce the product, then that risk goes down for these at-risk groups, if they are given the training to use it and where to use it. We can train people to be aware and become more environmentally determined to change infectious behavior. Women are more hygienic.


There can be an overwhelming response from the first responder community if responders understand the risks, being mitigated by good spirit and good virtue. Also, the logic behind doing preventative detection, or forensic work in our minimal security prisons and mental institutions where new inmates or patients come in every week. Easing the restrictions of prison and having them out on bond may help, but that may not be the answer for serious assault cases, property crimes and crimes against persons. Only a product that lowers the risks is the answer.


Legal Disability and COVID-19


So, if there are serious crimes, it does not matter what the defendants want; they are going to be isolated and put in serious mental and or physical limitations for their wellbeing. Which that in and of itself is a problem among prison inmates, because they are so isolated due to the COVID-19 virus, none of them are going to interact because of the virus, less time out of the cell and more time in isolation for preventative measures. This usually causes relapses in behavior.


While this may be useful to limit the spread in a maximum- or minimum-security prison it is not the answer. Given the circumstances, criminal defendants should be given the possibility of parole, or surety bonds for certain inmates to be out on bond. This way they are less likely to offend and be at risk in the prison population. This limits the spread of COVID-19 and ensures the public safety and that of the corrections officers as well. We cannot have COVID-19 making corrections officers sick and be prevented from duty from public service for a matter of public safety. There are risks to the corrections guards. Many officers face risks for the public safety standards.




Criminal Assaults with COVID-19


This is the only way to stop the spread of the virus in prisons, even the possibility exists for the malicious person to want mayhem in prisons, by infecting everyone by simply getting arrested to make the entire population sick, so this is a distinct possibility. But by doing forensics in maximum- or minimum-security prisons, the Corrections Departments can ensure that these prison inmates are not purposefully contaminating the environment, with diseases in the first place, yet alone COVID-19 it could be another virus like Hepatitis. So technically the proposal I’m advocating for should be used in prisons, healthcare centers and places of hospice. This way the dying can die in peace with safe protective efforts to shield them. No matter the situation, a substance or product like Luminol can work for a time and every time to ensure public safety. Again, it will work when there are enough infectious amounts, to be detected on surfaces.


Luminol could be used to thoroughly decontaminate an area, or it could be used to detect spit on an officer and be used to collect DNA where applicable, it can be used for the detection of rape. Anything to do with assault with bodily fluids etc. There is almost nothing it cannot do, when it comes to public safety. All that it requires is a dark room to do the test in a space. Light emitted spectrum detection, will almost certainly change this aspect even more one day. Then it may be possible to not need dark rooms to use the product, but simply light spectrums emitted. Spectrum telescopes would be similar to the device. Just like astronomy telescopes, radio telescopes find light waves by length.








 Detection of Corona Virus [medrxiv.org] Clinicaltrials.gov









Forensic Sources of Luminol














Laser Forensic Detection of Chemical and Biological Substances Vol. I

 Open Draft Publication

Introduction: Revised Date: 3-9-2015

 This proposal is for the philosopher of forensic science. It is a philosophical perspective regarding the detection of deadly viruses like the Ebola virus. For many years I have researched the endless possibilities, regarding medical technology to treat deadly viruses by a device that uses no hypodermic injection but a laser injection, that could be injected in various tissues, by using a simple anesthetic.


This is a futuristic methodology from a philosophical anecdotal perspective, that needs animal testing on primates and humans. It is a research and development project aimed at getting peer reviewed opinion and to establish a network of doctors and medical professionals to perfect an engineered technology. My aim is not to have competing interests at all against its designer. In fact I will work with the engineers, to make this technology more researched and invested than it already is.


There are a multitude of questions associated with vaccine reactions and I as a vaccine recipient who had a terrible reaction to a vaccine propose that the industry start using transdermal technology. There is less risk of anaphylaxis associated with drug delivery. This is important for young children mostly.


The reasoning behind this will be provided. The device itself is no more dangerous than a bug bite and feels no more harmful than a mosquito bite according to some clinical research studies. The good part of this technology, is that I believe deductively, it can be used to inject antibodies or microbicide's into various organs and perhaps the brain structure, if a minimally invasive hole is drilled into the skull. It could also allow minimally invasive pathology biopsies to occur in the near future. So many aspects here and it is certainly a noble contribution to pursue for medical science and to humanity.


This could seriously have profound impacts upon cancer because it will give the medical community a basis for painless surgery that is minimally invasive. It would be interesting, to see if gradual injections into the brain would cure diseases like cancer or even hemorrhagic fevers. There is certainly a wide array of possibilities even though, this technology has yet to be developed for the purposes I see fit for forensic use. The aspects of drug delivery is deductive and is already reasonable for those uses.


There are viruses that effect neurobiology and this would be most applicable to all degenerative diseases. For the first time ever, eye diseases could be treated painlessly. Although only certain laser spectrum's to the eye are likely to be safe and effective. This could be great for macular degeneration.


There is certainly a basis for funding this research. Governmental agencies and intergovernmental agencies should be interested in this research. Not because the technology has many uses, but because it can be utilized as a weapon of choice once the technology is perfected. Laser injections from a distance could likely be a future weapon of choice because this technology could be used for lethal or non lethal drug injections. It entirely depends upon funding and lobbying towards these noble efforts.


Tranquilizers for animals could be deployed in a less invasive way making more comfort to animals. This could certainly allow for more research to be conducted on animals in a less uncomfortable way. Primate research and drug delivery will be more safe and easy, with far less outcry regarding animal neglect and abuse. Infectious diseases could be easily researched, without carrying pinprick risk from needles. BSL laboratories could eventually eliminate, the hypodermic needle jabs in labs.


Perhaps one day lethal force will be a thing of the past and drug delivery for stun guns will be deployed in a miniaturized device like a handgun of modern times. Making it possible to detain or capture terrorists and criminals. Fewer people will die this way and in end many lives could be saved.




Experimental physics of sound waves does suggest that sound has the ability to bend or bounce off surfaces or penetrate surfaces. It is possible to make this technology, into a projection projectile device for drug delivery. The liquids would be encapsulated in a laser while the sound wave carries the substance of liquid into the skin from encapsulated pressure projection. A sound wave can then be sent through the laser at high velocity and forcing a projectile out with much potential energy release.


While there is in fact a series of methodologies for the method of drug delivery that will work, ranging from compressed gas methods, piezoelectric transducers, linear Lorentz force piston, electronic driven bubble, as well as laser induced wave or bubble. The limitless application of a device that uses sound and laser encapsulation as a form of increasing the distance and penetration is one that must be further researched. Not only for medicine but for weapons research that is a non-lethal alternative.


This will increase the capacity of medicine and weapons research. There may even be aeronautical uses and space uses as well. I have no competing interests for this quest of development, I would much rather work with the developers and engineers of South Korea. Seoul National University has made a great contribution to the greater good of science. Their names are written below for their noble ethical contributions to science. If funding is appropriated through my quest I will gladly support them. Funding will be greater explained at the conclusion of this report for further understanding.


Hun-jae Jang

Eugene Hur

Yoonkwan Kim

Seol-Hoon Lee

Nae G. Kang

Jack J. Yoh


Funding Statement:

The contributions made by these researchers is quite incredible. I believe that if I have funding I can obtain a hedge fund. I have signed a NCND with a very reputable broker agent, that is enthusiastic about my research interests. I cannot name him or disclose where the bank is in Europe.


The agreement is good for many years and I have permission from him. I must pursue this before he retires. I have secret banking information available to represent myself legally in this matter. This information is subjected to legal privilege, or I could be fined or imprisoned if I released it, yet alone to someone else. I will eventually hire attorneys that specialize in financial securities with a NCND.

Imagine the possibilities here. Also several years ago I did some banking business regarding my 9/11 research specifically using this technology and I mention laser micro-jet injections in a preliminary publication available upon request to those willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The banking official believed my research and I signed a NCND with him that is valid for many years. Now I just need to fund this research. Crowd funding is the only appropriate option for me at this time.

Funding basis:

 Chaldini figures was and is a technical term in physics for certain types of matters ability for morphological change, from its normal form or natural order. Sound waves are known to cause massive changes to matter of all shapes and sizes. This has been demonstrated on YouTube and other places, as a science experiment.

While this science has not gone unstudied, it is a phenomenon that needs further research when it comes to research and development. There is a massive amount of possibilities in the near future when it comes to this technology. Not only for medicine but for weapons research and energy research. It may be physically possible to generate electricity by using sound waves.


Projected sound energy could be used in the near future, for a wide array of uses. Sound waves could be used to project liquids or drugs massive distances. While in medicine the technology; has its promises I see a world where the technology, is developed for nearly every purpose imaginable. Investors have an opportunity to promote peaceful developments, towards world technology that will have immeasurable uses, that cannot be enumerated by one mind or one individual alone.


While these ideological principals may be entirely anecdotal, the philosophical principals are definitely beneficial. Research and development will begin, with peer review and doctors and inventors coming together. Not only doctors of medicine, but medical technologists and inventors of aeronautical research. One day the simplest of logical inventions could one day propel rockets into space. The medical aspects of this technology, have limitless application to space medicine in the near future.


The idea in a nutshell is to use an encapsulated laser, to propel liquids forward using high sound frequencies that have a high enough hertz to propel liquid substances forward, great distances. The idea is to use the technology already developed, by Seoul National University for a greater contribution to science. My helping hands are waiting to assist, by creating brokerage and financial contributions. The promising applications, towards many sciences is not to go unheeded here by any means.


I thank the reviewers of this publication, I also ask that the reviewers consider the intent and funding interests. There is no room for unhealthy narcissism in medicine and this project is not for self but a selfless contribution to the philosophy of science. If anyone wishes to join me please email me. From there, I will use due diligence and release my contact information to further futuristic candidates.




These references have been chronologically cited, from the Journal of Biomedical Optics. Title: Laser-induced microjet injection into preablated skin for more effective transdermal drug delivery


Anyone may contact me for further research data and collaboration. Thank you for your time.




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Academic positions:

Molecular Medicine & Biophysics UQD\Invited to http://www.trackingterrorism.org


Research interests:

My research interests are 9/11 Pulmonary Diseases, Genetics, Cytology, Mycology, Obstetrics And Gynaecology, Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology, Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI], Primatology, Protozoology, Psychiatry, Preventive Medicine, Public Health, Pulmonary Medicine, Physiology, Regenerative Medicine, Rehabilitation, Reproduction, Robotic Surgery, Medical Robotics, Toxicology, Transplant Immunology, Transplantation, Tropical Medicine, HIV, AIDS, Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Biosecurity, Bioterrorism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Microbiology, Psychology, Gender Studies, Gender Development,Embryology, Sociology, Immunology, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Pathology, Forensic Psychology, Neurology, Neuropathology, Neurosurgery, Infectious Diseases,Oncology, Alternative Medicine, Biophysics, Biochemistry, LGBT Bioethics, Economic Medicine, Epidemiology, Parasitology, Plastic Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Immunotherapy


Any other information:

After suffering a Traumatic Brian Injury [TBI] I began researching natural and nutritional Neuropharmacology treatments for TBI. I had sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] when I was twelve years old from an allergic reaction to an MMR vaccine inducing a form of muscular spasticity. Immediately I required an ambulance because the nurse could not perform CPR. I had pulmonary asphyxiation from a bronchospasm while foaming at the mouth, which required artificial respiration shortly after fainting backwards and obtaining a TBI. I specialize in TBI treatments.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I believe WebmedCenteral is excellent, for medical publications and medical research. I deductively believe that WebmedCentral will benefit from corresponding with http://www.trackingterrorism.org


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