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Dr. Biswapriya Misra

Postdoctoral Research Assocate
Department of Biology
2033 Mowry Road, Room 437, CGRC

Brief Biography:

A PhD in Plant Biotechnology (Sandalwood Tree) from IIT Kharagpur, India was followed by a ~1.5 yrs Postdoc training in Plant Genomics (Rubber tree) at Center for Chemical Biology, University of Science, Malaysia (PI: Prof. Maqsudul Alam), and now pursuing Postdoc training in Plant Metabolomics (canola) at Department of Biology since May, 2013. During PhD visited Professor Wilhelm Gruissem’s laboratory at ETH, Zurich for training in Isoprenoid Functional Genomics (Arabidopsis). Been to BGI, Shenzhen for training in Bioinformatics. I have published 14 first author publications and filed 3 USA Patents during these trainings. My interests lie in holistic and ‘omics’ understanding of plant physiology, with special focus on ‘phenylpropanome’ and ‘terpenomes’. I hold memberships to AAAS, EPSO, ASMS, AFoB, ASPB and serve as reviewer to 7 journals in Natural Products sciences. I am actively involved in blogging (Science-o-nomics), Scoop-ing and ResearchGating. I am a strong supporter of Open Access Model of publishing in (DORA, PLoS, eLIFE, PeerJ), love to collaborate, actively involved in addressing research/ policy issues for Postdocs/ researchers (Postdoc Journal), and promote ties in science-society awareness issues. Wish to publish in Science, Nature (among other high profile journals) and to work for Industry!

Academic positions:

• Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (06/2013- Till Date) at Department of Biology, University of Florida, USA in Guard Cell Metabolomics and Proteomics. • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (12/2010- 08/2012) at Center for Chemical Biology, University of Science, Malaysia, in Rubber Genome Discovery Program. • DBT Research Associate (12/2009-09/2010) at IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India in Non Model Plant Metabolite Profiling and Functional Genomics. • Exchange Research Student (09/2007-01/2008) at Prof. Wilhelm Gruissem’s Laboratory, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, in Model Plant Arabidopsis Functional Genomics.

Research interests:

Interests in medicinal plant genomics, biotechnology, metabolomics, functional genomics, biochemistry, bioinformatics and metabolic engineering leading towards agro-biotechnological improvement of the crop species as the final outcome

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Welcome initiative in coherence with the upcoming age of Open Access.

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