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Mr. Ricardo Fernandes

University of Porto, Faculty of Sport
Center of Research, Education, Innovation and Intervention in Sport
Rua Dr. Plácido Costa, 91

Brief Biography:

References in SCOPUS: 22 papers with impact factor, 109 citations and H index of 8

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Academic positions:

Director of the Swimming Department of the Faculty of Sport of the Porto University. Member of the Centre of Research, Education, Innovation and Intervention in Sport


Research interests:

Sport Sciences. Swimming biophysical characterization specially centred on the availability and use of energy in swimming: (i) determination of the swimmer’s bioenergetical profile: understanding the kinetics of oxygen consumption and lactate production, which allow assessing the energy cost of the movement and, therefore, the definition of swimming economy profiles for swimmers of different levels and gender and (ii) relationship of these physiological parameters with biomechanical variables, namely with the stroke parameters (stroke frequency, stroke distance and stroke index), the index of coordination, the intracyclic velocity fluctuations and the electrical muscular activity. Biomechanical characterization of swimming starts and turns. Planning and periodization, and training control and evaluation of athletes in cyclic sports.



Any other information:

Swimming coach from 1994-2008. Member of the Review Board and Scientific Committee of scientific journals in the Sport Sciences area. Invited reviewer for several scientific journals (>50 reviews accomplished). Member of the Scientific Committee of the XXIX Annual International Symposium of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports (Porto’2011), of the XIth International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming (Oslo’2010). Member of the Organizing Committee of the 4th International Conference Swimming Pool & Spa (Porto’2011), of the Xth International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming (Porto’2006) and of the Portuguese Swimming Coaches Association Congress (Porto’1998). Chairman of several Podium and Poster sessions in scientific events. Director of Courses of Swimming Coaches Education (level 1 and 2 of the Portuguese Swimming Federation).

Main investigator of funded research & development projects: “Energy cost in swimming: characterization and relationship with other relevant bioenergetical and biomechanical performance determinants”. FCT: PTDC/DES/101224/2008.
Coordinator of several research teams (from 2003-2011) and participation in 36 national and international research projects

Supervising experience (finished): 1 PhD student and 15 Master students

Supervising experience (in development): 10 PhD student and 8 Master students


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Very interesting idea. However, the link for Sport Sciences is still weak. Hope to contribute to the study of the Sport phenomenon by using a physiologic aproach.