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Dr. Abantika Ganguly

Postdoctoral Research Associate
The Scripps Research Institute (CMB)
10550 N. Torrey Pines Rd

Brief Biography:

Accomplished biochemist and molecular biophysicist involved in cross-disciplinary research involving biochemical, molecular biology and genetic approaches. With my extensive experience in kinetics of protein-DNA interaction involving transcriptional regulation, I look forward to integrate my knowledge on in vitro biophysical assays with in vivo quantitative functional genomic studies in order to determine the interplay of genetic pathways involved in conferring resistance to heavy metal toxicity with a aim towards novel bioremediation strategies Key qualifications include:

• Experienced in bacterial and eukaryotic transcriptional biology with special focus on analyzing kinetic models of protein-DNA interactions via Surface Plasmon Resonance (BIACORE)

• Designed, initiated and completed project to develop new label-free, low sample protein-ligand interaction assay using LB monolayer suitable for AFM imaging

• Extensive experience with eukaryotic and prokaryotic protein expression, affinity tag protein purification, chromatography and extraction of proteins from inclusion bodies (IB)

• Experienced with DNA damage signaling, replicative stress and molecular oncology

• Experience in various in vivo cell assays to determine the efficacy and toxicity of heavy metal carcinogens • Hands on experience with RNA extraction, RNA-protein EMSA

• Extensive hands on experience on functional genomics of yeast with solid understanding and analysis of data from RT-PCR, microarray and Deep Sequencing techniques

• Designed and implemented a novel FACS-based quantitative analysis for evaluating genetic interaction scores using conditional E-MAP analysis

• Hands on experience with Western Blot Analysis, and live-cell fluorescence imaging

• Experienced in binding kinetics using fluorescence

• Proficient with steady state kinetics of protein-protein/protein-DNA interaction, thermodynamic analysis using both ideal and non-ideal models


Academic positions:

Research Associate


Research interests:

Biochemistry, protein-protein/Protein-DNA binding Kinetics, functional genomics of yeast, DNA repair, DNA replication, Genetic profiling, Cell Cycle Checkpoint, DNA-protein interaction, Transition Metals, chormium, cadmium, arsenic, nickel


Any other information:

  • Ganguly, A., Guo, L, Sun, L., Suo, F., Du, LL and Russell, P “Global Fitness Profiling Identifies Arsenic and Cadmium Tolerance Mechanisms in Fission Yeast.”  G3 
  • Ganguly A, Chatterji D. “The σ-Competition Model in Escherichia coli: A Comparative Kinetic and Thermodynamic Perspective.” Biophys J. 2012, 103, 1325-1333.
  • Ganguly A, Rajdev P, Williams SM, Chatterji D. “Nonspecific Interaction between DNA and Protein allows for Cooperativity: A Case Study with Mycobacterium DNA Binding ProteinJ Phys Chem B. 2012, 116, 621-32.

  • Ganguly A, Chatterji D. “Sequential assembly of an active RNA polymerase molecule at the air-water interface.” Langmuir. 2011, 27, 3808-14.

  • Ganguly A, Rajdev P, Chatterji D. “Sequence specific interaction between promoter DNA and Escherichia coli RNA polymerase: comparative thermodynamic analysis with one immobilized partnerJ Phys Chem B. 2009, 113, 15399-408

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I fully support the idea of webmed in bringing about transparency in published literature and empowering authors by helping them reach a broader audience