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Dr. Mayur Gadhikar

Post Doctoral Fellow
Head and Neck Surgery, UT- MD Anderson Cancer Center
1515 HOLCOMBE BLVD, Unit 123

Brief Biography:

Mayur Gadhikar received his B.Tech in Pharmaceuticals and Fine chemicals in 2006 from University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. He completed masters in biotechnology in 2007 and also earned certification in business from Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, College Station. In 2009, after working for about year and half at an oncology research consultancy, he joined a PhD program in Cancer Biology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston. In his thesis work, Mayur Gadhikar, investigated the therapeutic targeting of checkpoint kinases in head and neck cancer, and showed that targeting checkpoint kinases greatly improved the efficacy of mainstay chemotherapy in HNSCC cells. Currently, as a post-doctoral fellow in the head and neck surgery department, he is doggedly pursuing his investigation of checkpoint kinase inhibitors as monotherapy in HNSCC. In addition, he is also involved in evaluating novel cancer genes in HNSCC.


Academic positions:

Post Doctoral Fellow, UT-MD Anderson Cancer Center


Research interests:

Cell Cycle, Replication, DNA Repair, Cell Signaling, Targeted therapies, Mechanisms of Action, Mechanism of Cell Death


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

An interesting forum where paradigm shifting ideas can be freely discussed and vetted by a large pool of scientific community