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Dr. Nikhil Jain

Postdoctoral research scientist

Brief Biography:

I am a research scientist trying to understand microbiology of infections with biochemistry and structural biology perspective in Baylor college of medicine Houston Texas. I completed my PhD in 2011 from Indian Institute of Technology.  

Academic positions:

Staff Scietntist

Research interests:

Understand virus and bacterial pathogenesis

Any other information:

Most people get infected by microbes are treated with antibiotics. Half of these antibiotics targets protein synthetic machinery of bacteria called ribosome. In recent years, we have seen development of infectious pathogen which are resistant to antibiotics. This phenomenon is called antibiotic resistance. which require change in medicine. By growing use of different antibiotics, we have seen pathogens like mycobacterium tuberculosis and many others have developed resistance to more than one antibiotics and in some cases, all the available drugs. This is called multidrug resistance. This superbug is very dangerous and require development of new drugs. WHO has warned us that “Without urgent action, we are heading for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries can once again kill.” (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/antibiotic-resistance/en/) My work on ribosome assembly/biogenesis help in understanding the ribosome biogenesis process which is suggested as “A bright future of antibiotics” in recent publications (http://www.weizmann.ac.il/sb/Pages/Yonath/Matzov-2017ARB.pdf) Ribosome targeting drugs limp the protein synthesis capability of pathogen ultimately lead to its killing. In present time, these drugs inhibit protein synthesis process which is the function of ribosome. My work will lead to development of drug which will target one step ahead that is targeting the process of making of ribosome (machine) instead of inhibiting its function, which is supposed to be more efficient.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I believe Webmed central have unique advantages for authors which take the publishing to the next level. Publishing all relevant and important scientific finding helps every scientist to contribute to the science