Diagnosising With Ultrasound

Fedele and others from the University of Verona, Italy, looked at 140 patients scheduled for surgery for possible endometriosis, using rectal ultrasound. This is a test using sound waves in which a probe about the size of a large finger is put into the rectum. The study should take less than about 5 minutes. The doctors look for areas between the rectum and the vagina and cervix that represent nodules of endometriosis. All patients had the ultrasound study within one week of their surgery. About one fourth of the patients 34/140 had surgical evidence of rectovaginal endometriosis and ultrasound had correctly diagnosed 33 of the 34 patients (sensitivity 97%). Of the other 106 patients, 15 had no evidence of endometriosis and 91 had superficial abdominal lining or ovarian endometriosis but not infiltrating into the rectovaginal septum. The rectal ultrasound was negative in 102 of those 106 patients (specificity 96.2%). As tests go this is fairly accurate.

If these studies can be repeated by other investigators, this may become a more common diagnostic test when a physician suspects endometriosis.

Do you have any experience to share.



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