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Published on: 10 Sep 2015 10:33:33 AM GMT
about my article
Posted by Dr. Hari Haran Ramakrishnan on 18 Sep 2015 07:10:49 AM GMT

this article in particular describes in detail and pinpoints  the various possible causes and failures  of teeth supported  fixed dental prosthesis abbreviated as TSFDP . FDP  had been the new abbreviation put forth in place by glossary of prosthodontic terms  instesd of FPD. the  article contains various headings and sub headings  in numerical order  which will be easier to read and understand . abstract of the article by itself is an introduction and thatis why no seperate introduction had been posted by me in my article. there are very few  fixed prosthodontic text books which currently explains the failure modes of fdp. MY AIM WAS TO ENLIGHTEN  all potential readers about the failures of FDP. continuous paragraphs  in the discussion  column of the article  was avoided by me because that will dilute the  core  message of the article. any reader  should be able to recollect mentally  maximum number of points  after finishing reading of my article.