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  • Our Peer Review Policy

We publish all submitted research articles immediately on our portal. There is a rapid in house checking process to ensure that all but the clearly irrelevant and unscientific work is published within 48 hours of submission.
The peer review process begins immediately after publication of the article. We endeavour to ensure that all articles are reviewed by at least two peers. Authors choose potential reviewers from amongst theWebmedCentral Editorial board. We also encourage authors to invite other reviewers to generate a wider debate around their work. We advise our authors to avoid choosing reviewers from their institution or anyone who they have collaborated within the last 3 years. Any suggested reviewer who is not part of our editorial team is randomly checked to ensure there is no conflict of interest.
Articles that have attracted satisfactory ratings from two reviewers automatically move to ‘WebmedCentral Peer Reviewed’ category.  We hope that these articles will be indexed by appropriate bodies in near future. Our peer review process is entirely transparent with all reviews being freely available on our portal for the readers. Reviewers can however choose to stay anonymous if they wish.
Authors can respond to the reviews using authors' comment section and the readers would have full access to the entire communiqué.  Our intention is to generate a healthy debate on each published work. We encourage authors to submit revised versions of articles with additional information to satisfy queries raised. This ensures that manuscripts never become outdated.