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We at WebmedCentral feel that biomedical publishing needs to evolve. In current times of unlimited publishing capacity, barriers to publishing need to be reduced and every scientist should have an opportunity to contribute. At the same time the present system of review needs to be broadened in its scope to accommodate every comment or criticism of the published work We are attempting to make the process of publishing more inclusive, efficient, accountable, economical, unbiased and transparent.

WebmedCentral publishes all submitted research immediately. All but the clearly irrelevant and unscientific work is published. Our unique publication system is designed to empower authors and provide them with complete freedom of expression. They can publish their research and views without any peer pressure and irrespective of widely held peer belief on the topic. Peers on the other hand have the huge opportunity to publicly review and comment on the work. We believe that serious authors and reviewers will find this privilege empowering whereas casual author and reviewers, misusing this service, will have nothing to gain from publishing substandard content under their names. It will hopefully make "publication" a non issue in due course and move the emphasis away from it towards conducting quality research and writing good manuscripts.

We aim to ensure that all articles are reviewed by at least two nominated experts. The peer review process begins immediately after publication of the article.All our reviews are visible online in keeping with our approach to complete transparency in biomedical scientific communications. Authors then have the opportunity to respond to the criticism or submit a modified manuscript..
Traditionally biomedical journals have published articles from authors at no cost and then delivered them to readers at a price. More recently with the advent of open access publishing, authors are being charged significant sums of money by some journals to share the cost. With WebmedCentral’s innovative method of post publication peer review, we minimise the expense and time, while retaining the advantages of open access publication. We publish most articles within 48 hours of submission. Our article processing charges are GBP 50.00 per article. There is an article processing charges waiver option for disadvantaged authors.

WebmedCentral have provided scientific community with an alternative method of communicating using post publication peer review model. This model of immediate publication with post publication peer review has overcome many difficulties posed by the traditional prepublication peer review system, which may at times hinder transparent scientific communication, delay the publication process and add to the cost of publishing. There is also a possibility of inherent bias within it leaving manuscripts at the mercy of editors and reviewers. WebmedCentral has full faith in the honesty and integrity of the scientific community and we firmly believe that most researchers and authors who have something to contribute should have an opportunity to do so. Each piece of research then finds its own place in scientific literature based on its merit.