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Dr. Nandu Goswami

Senior Research Scientist
Medical University of Graz
Harrachgasse 21/V

Brief Biography:

I am a medical doctor cum cardiovascular physiologist with interests in cerebral blood flows. My principal areas of research work are on mental stress and how it modulates orthostatic neurohormonal and hemodynamic responses. Syncope, cerebral autoregulation, splanchnic blood flows, head up tilt, lower body negative pressure, autonomic control of blood pressure, hormones are some of the areas in which I have additional interests.

My work incorporates several aspects of gravitational and environmental physiology. For example, what happens to the body in simulated microgravity or hypergravity states and developments of possible countermeasures to alleviate orthostatic intolerance, following short or long duration spaceflights.

While my principal work is on humans, we liaise with other partners worldwide in doing animal research.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I support your actiivities