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Mr. Paola Manduca

Professor Genetics
DIBIO-University of Genoa, Italy

Brief Biography:

Name: Paola Manduca
Born: January 8, 1946, Naples, Italy Address: Genetics, DISTAV
26.16132 Corso Europa, Genova, Italy
tel. and fax +39 3472540531- +39 10-3538240
Nationality: Italian


Academic positions:


1969: Biological Sciences 110 cum laude, University of Naples

Professina Career:

1. 1969-70: Research Assistant; Molecular Genetics Unit University of Edinburgh Scotland
2. 1970-71: Post-Doctoral Fellow, MRC Department of Epygenetics University of Edinburgh Scotland
3. 1971-87: Assistant Professor Institute of General Biology and Genetics University of Naples, Italy
4. 1987 -2004: Assistant Professor Genetics, Dept. of Oncology, Biology and Genetics
University of Genoa, Italy
5. 2004: Associate Professor sector BIO18 Confirmation
6. 1978-82: Course Genetics Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences University of Naples, Italy
7. 1992-1995: Experimental Laboratory in Genetics II Bachelor Biological inScienze
University of Genoa, Italy
8. 1993 to 2004: Advanced Genetics II Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences
University of Genoa, Italy
9. 2004: Course of Genetics, degree trienanle Module in the course of Developmental Biology and Genetics
10. 1999 - 2002: Professor of Biology and Ph.D. in Genetics
11. 2002: present PhD Professor of Genetics in Medicine and Biology of Differentiation Research at university
12. 1987: present Head of group head of the Laboratory of Genetics The Faculty of the University of Genoa SMFN Other positions
13. 1972-73 and 1975-76 Research Associate Division of Cell Biology leave for study
14. 1976-78: Graduate Student Department of Anthropology New School for Social
Research New York Master of Arts program Fellowship New York City Education Department
15. 1985-88: Visiting researcher Service of cell differentiation


Research interests:

Genetics, Molecular Genetics


Any other information:


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MEDLINE]Related citations
8. Manduca P, Marchisio S, Astigiano S, Zanotti S, Galmozzi F, Palermo C,
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