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Dr. Sasa Brankovic

Clinic for Psychiatry, Clinical Center of Serbia
Pasterova 2

Brief Biography:

Graduated on the School of Medicine in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1992. Studied mathematics in Belgrade and in Göttingen, Germany. Attained the M.Sci. degree and psychiatrist degree in 1997 in Belgrade. The title of M.Sci. thesis: “Reasoning under uncertainty in schizophrenic patients”. Attained the Ph.D. degree in Belgrade in 2006. The title of Ph.D. thesis: “Theory of informational needs and neuropsychological model of disturbed motivation in depression”. Published papers in the field of motivation, psychobiology of delusions, and mathematical modeling of electrodermal activity.


Academic positions:

Clinical and research psychiatrist


Research interests:

Neuroscience, Affective neuroscience, Psychophysiology, Computational psychophysiology, Mathematical modeling, Neurochemistry.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I believe that it was necessary in order to make science more dynamic and creative effort, more like it used to be. It is necessary to improve signal-to-noise ratio in biomedical science and post publication peer review could help in it. Significant new ideas could appear publicly more frequently and could be more easily recognized. On the other hand, more responsibility is given to the authors and it could prevent spreading of texts with small informative values.