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Prof. Luis Puelles

Prof. Neuroanatomy
Fac.Medicine of Murcia, Dept.Human Anatomy
Univ. of Murcia, Fac.Medicine (campus Espinardo s/n)

Brief Biography:

Born 1948 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). Studied medicine at Univ.of Granada, Spain (1964-1971). M.D. at Univ. of Sevilla, Spain (1973). Never practiced medicine; oriented instead to neuroscience basic research and neuroanatomy teaching.

Academic positions:

Various non-tenured teaching positions in Anatomy Departments at Univ. of Granada, Sevilla, Extremadura, and Cadiz (1971-1979). Tenured professor of neuroanatomy at Univ. of Murcia (Spain) since 1980.

Research interests:

Parallel interest in developmental and comparative neuroscience (developmental brain patterning, regionalization, and cell differentiation/migration, compared across vertebrate lineages). Role of differential gene expression patterns (genoarchitectonics and resulting advanced neuroanatomical analysis, within a tridimensional framework, i.e., areal plus radial dimensions of each histogenetic developmental unit). This leads to analysis and modelling of the cerebral Bauplan in vertebrates and its genetic underpinning (e.g., prosomeric model). Some experimental neuroembryology (fate-mapping, patterning, mutant phenotypes).

Any other information:

Personal interest in neural functional analysis (though no research), particularly on mind theory, mind-brain problem and neurocomputting models. Further interest in neurodidactics.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

The possibility of post-publication peer-reviewed scientific reporting is a necessary complement to normal scientific literature, particularly at times when traditional paradigms are under critical scrutiny and novel paradigms need to be examined and offered. The traditional establishment tends to be overprotective of standard approaches and may impose nonreasonable obstacles to the diffusion of novel ideas. I have personally felt the need of the mechanism represented by WebmedCentral at several points over the last 30 years, since some of my ideas have been (or still are) sharply heterodox.

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