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Dr. David Neubauer

Child Neurologist
UMCL - Paediatric Division, Dept. of Child, Adolescent & Developmental Neurology

Brief Biography:

C.V. Name: David Neubauer, M.D., DSc DOB: April 14, 1952 Place of birth: Ljubljana, SLOVENIA Permanent home address: Dalmatinova 10, 1000 Ljubljana SI-Slovenia, phone No.: 386 1 2325 524 Nationality: Slovenian Marital status: married, three children Profession: Child Neurologist, Full Professor in Paediatrics Educational achievements & qualifications: 1977 – dr. med. (Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) 1984 – MD (Paediatrics), Board of Paediatrics, Medical Chamber of Slovenia 1993 – PhD (DSc) degree, Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana 2005 - Senior Councillor (Ministry of Health, Slovenia) 2006 – Full professor in Paedaitrics Address at work: University Children's Hospital Ljubljana Bohoriceva 20, 1525 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA Phone: + 386 1 5229273; Fax: +386 1 5229357 E-mail: david.neubauer@mf. uni - lj.si Website: http://pednevro.pedkl.si Visiting Senior Consultant Neuropaediatrician in Kuwait: Al-Sabah Children's Hospital, Dept. of Child Neurology, Kuwait On regular basis (Ljubljana Progamme): 1986-1987 1988 – August 1990 and thereafter for a shorter period of 2-4 months (usually during summer months: July- August) from 1991 on – Present position: Head of Department of Child, Adolescent and Developmental Neurology, University Childrens' Hospital Ljubljana, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia Head of Postgraduate Study on Child Neurology (Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana) – 2 semester study National Coordinator of Child Neurology Curriculum (Medical Chamber of Slovenia) – 3.5 year Board Examination Co-chair PhD Postgraduate Study in Neurosciences, Zagreb, Croatia Director of Non-governmental organization: Foundation of Child Neurology, Slovenia Areas of special interest, experiences and practical/teaching excellences: Neonatal neurology Neurophysiological studies – electroencephalography (EEG), cerebral function monitoring (CFM), Cardiorespirographic (CRG) studies and actimetry, Sleep disorders, and sleep-disordered breathing & ALTE Inborn errors of metabolism Neurodegenerative disorders Congenital myopathies and early neuromuscular disorders Bioethics in paediatrics Ethics in Handicapped and Disabled Children Visiting professor: University Teaching Hospital Lusaka, Zambia, 1992 Kinderberg Organization, Germany and The Flying Doctors, USA; Pristina and Prizren Childrens Hospitals, Kosovo, November 2000. Visiting professor to University Medical Center, Pediatric Hospital, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, June 2003 and Ministry of Health, Kuwait (see above) Organizational activities: UMEMPS (Union of Mediterranean & Middle-East Pediatric Societies), Portorose, 2001 (co-organizer) Symposium: From clumsiness to cerebral palsy (organizer), Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2002 Neonatal Neurology, Neurodegenerative and neuromousclar diseases (co-organizer), IPOKRaTES, Kuwait, November 2002 Symposium from genes, via muscles to the clinical facts (organizer), Ljubljana, Slovenia. March 2003 Neurodevelopmental follow-up of at risk children; (organizer) IPOKRaTES Seminar, September 2003, Bled, Slovenia Bobath Neurodevelopmental Treatment concept (Postgraduate Symposia) – co-organizer, every year for 350 hours CESP Annual Conference (Co-organizer), Confederation of European Specialists in Pediatrics, Ljubljana, 2005 Board Member and Head Co-ordinator for the field of Child Neurology and Neonatal Neurology – IPOKRaTES (International Postgraduate Organisation for Knwoledgetransfer, Research and Teaching Excellent Students), Mannheim, Germany Research Projects & Grants: Derganc M, Neubauer D: Hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (1990-1995): short term and long term outcome. Neubauer D: Slovenian study on ECAS; (Main coordinator: R. Carpenter, London, England); 1995. Neubauer D: Obstructive sleep apnoea in children and adolescents (1996-1998) Neubauer D: Neonatal encephalopathy (early intervention and long-term outcome) (2000-2002) Neubauer D: Early Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) (2001- 2004) Neubauer D: Long-term follow-up of at risk children (2004-2007) Programme: Birth II (2010-2014) Chair of EU projects, Slovenian partner: FP7 – RESPECT (2008-2011), nEUroped (2008-2012), Health Agency: SCPE-4 Net (2010 – 2013) Leonardo da Vinci: NOTE – Neonatal On-line Training in Europe Memberships: member of Slovenian Paediatric Society member of Slovenian Perinatal Society member of Slovenian Association of Scientific and Technical Translators secretary general of Society of Child Neurology of Slovenia vice-president of Society for Clinical Neurophysiology of Slovenia member of European Society for the Study and Prevention of Infant Death (ESPID) member of ICNA (International Child Neurology Association) member of EPNS (European Paediatric Neurology Society) member of EACD (European Academy of Childhood Disabilities) representative of Slovenia in EBP (European Board of Paediatrics) of CESP (Confederation of European Specialists in Paediatrics-European Academy of Paediatrics) member of Committee of National Advisers (CNA) of EPNS (European Pediatric Neurology Society) President: Working Group of Ethics, EAP – European Academy of Paediatrics Assistant Editor and Editorial Board member: Journal of Paediatric Neurology Editor-in-Chief: Series in Child Neurology Booklets (in Slovenian) Non-governmental organizations: member of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) International president of Foundation of Child Neurology, Slovenia (since 1997 -) board member of the Slovenian Foundations’ Association (since 2002 -) Publications: See at: http://pednevro.pedkl.si

Academic positions:

full profesor in paediatrics, member of Chair of Paediatrics, Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana (MFUL), Chair: Centre for Developmental Neurosciences, MFUL; Co-Chair PhD Postgraduate Programme in Neurosciences, Medical Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Research interests:

neonataology, child neurophysiology, ethical issues

Any other information:

look at: http://pednevro.pedkl.si

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