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Dr. Gitanjali Das

Postdoc Research Scientist
Pathology and Cell Biology, Columbia University

Brief Biography:

Gitanjali Das, PhD Postdoctoral Research Scientist Physicians and surgeons Building 630W 168th Street, 15-405, New York - 10032 Tel: 443-527-8963 (cell) Email: gitanjali.das@gmail.com ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS PhD (2008) Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India M.Sc. (2002) Cell & Molecular Biology (Zoology), University of Gauhati, Assam, India B.Sc. (2001) Animal Sciences (Major) & Anthropology, University of Gauhati, Assam, India RESEARCH AREA AND INTERESTS Neurological development, Brain disorders and diseases, Molecular pathogenesis RESEARCH EXPERIENCES 1. Columbia University, New York, NY, USA Postdoctoral Research Scientist, March 2014-present Study the mechanism of oligodendrocyte differentiation. 2. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-2013 ??Exploring the role of Eph/Ephrins in Brain Development and Circadian Biology ??Role of Eph A6 in regulating development of the brain cytoarchitecture. ??Studying the role of the Eph B1 and Ephrin A5 in regulating circadian behavior and the phenomena of jet-lag. 3. John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA Postdoctoral Fellow, (2009) ??Studied the role of crystalline protein in maintenance of the retinal pigment epithelium of the eye and phagocytosis process. 4. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India Doctoral Research, 2003- 2008 Dissertation title: Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Deprivation Increases Na-K-ATPase Activity by Noradrenaline Mediated Reduced Membrane Lipid Peroxidation and Calcium Influx intothe Neurons of Rat Brain ??Studied the role Rapid eye movement sleep (REM) in brain function and behavior. My thesis work revealed that REM sleep loss results in increased neuronal and brain excitability mediated by noradrenaline induced phosphorylation of the membrane pump Na-K-ATPase resulting in neuronal death and behavioral abnormalities like fatigue, aggression, memory loss, etc. PUBLICATIONS Journal Publication: 6. Gitanjali Das, Qili Yu1, Ryan Hui1, Kenneth Reuhl2, Nicholas W. Gale3 and Renping Zhou “EphA5 and EphA6: roles in cortical cell distribution and spine morphology” Under Review in Brain Research. 5. Zigler J.S., Jr, Zhang C., Grebe R., Gitanjali Sehrawat, Hackler L., Jr., Adhya S., Hose S., McLeod D.S., Bhutto I., Barbour W., Parthasarathy G., Zack D.J., Sergeev Y., Lutt G.A., Handa J.T., Sinha D. “Mutation in the ?A3/A1-crystallin gene impairs phagosome degradation in the retinal pigment epithelium of the rat”. J Cell Science (2011) 124(4):523-31 4. Das G., Gopalakrishnan A., Faisal M., Mallick B.N. “Stimulatory role of calcium in Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Deprivation Induced Noradrenaline Mediated Increase In Na-KATPase Activity in Rat Brain” Neuroscience (2008) 155(1):76-89 3. Das G. and Mallick B.N. “Noradrenaline Acting on ?1-Adrenoceptors mediates REM Sleep Deprivation Induced Increased Membrane Potential in Rat Brain Synaptosomes” Neurochemistry International 52 (2008) 734-740 Conference Publication: 2. Das G. and Mallick B.N. “REM sleep deprivation decreases Na-K-ATPase phosphorylation”. Neuroscience Research (2006) 55(1) S25 CITATIONS: 66 independent citations 81 citation Google scholar 736 Reads for Book Chapter (most downloaded article from Columbia University – Research Gate) BOOKS CHAPTER/REVIEWS 1. Gitanjali Das, Kenneth Reuhl and Renping Zhou “The Golgi-Cox Method”, In: Renping Zhou and Lin Mei (eds.), Neural Development: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology, 2013, Vol-1018, Chapter 29, Humana Press. AWARDS AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVMENTS 5. International Travel Award (W. Gerald Robison Travel Award) to attend the CCRG (Co-operative Cataract Research Group) Meeting, Kona, Hawaii, USA, Dec 6th – 10th, 2009 (oral presentation). 4. International Travel Award by the Japanese Neuroscience Society to present research work in the 29th Annual Japanese Neuroscience Society Meeting, July 19th-21st, Kyoto, 2006. 3. Selected for Junior and Senior Research Fellowship of Government of India (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) (2002-2005), for PhD program (This is a competitive exam). 2. Selected for Senior Research Fellowship of Government of India (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) (2006-2008), for PhD program 1. First Prize in State Level Science Speech Competition, Gauhati University 2000. POSTERS AND ORAL PRESENTATIONS 9. Das G., Reuhl K., Gale N. and Zhou R., Regulation of brain cell density and dendritic pruning by EphA6, October 2012 at Society for Neuroscience, New Orleans, USA 8. Das S. G., Reuhl K., Gale N. and Zhou R., EphA6/EphA5 guidance of development of brain cytoarchitecture” April 2012 at Brain Health Institute, New Jersey, USA 7. Stacey H., Charles Z., Gitanjali S., Rhonda G., Gerard A. L., Samuel J. Z., Debasish S., ?A3/A1-crystallin is essential for maintaining the nuclear integrity in astrocytes Dec 2009 at American Society for Cell Biology Meeting, San Francisco, USA. 6. Gitanjali S., Zhang C., Grebe R., Stacey Hose S., Lutty G.A., Sinha D., Zigler J.S., Jr., Possible Function for ?A3/A1-crystallin in Retinal Pigment Epithelium” Dec 2009 at the US-Japan Meeting Cooperating Cataract Group, Kona, Hawaii, USA, Oral presentation 4. Das G. and Mallick B.N. “REM sleep deprivation decreases Na-K-ATPase phosphorylation”. The 29th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society, July 19 –21, 2006 at Kyoto, Japan. 3. “Mechanism of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep loss induced increase in Na-K-ATPase activity: Modulation by the reactive oxygen species”. Gitanjali Das and Birendra N. Mallick. 75th Annual Meeting of the Society of Biological Chemists. December 8 –11, 2006 at School of Life Sciences, JNU, New Delhi, India. 2. Das Gitanjali and Mallick N Birendra, Second Prize, Oral presentation category for paper entitled “Mechanism of REM sleep deprivation induced noradrenaline mediated increase in synaptosomal Na-K-ATPase activity: Role of Calcium”. Biosparks, February 9 to 10, 2006 at School of Life Sciences, JNU, New Delhi, India. 1. Das G. and Mallick B.N. Mechanism of REM Sleep Loss induced Noradrenaline Mediated Increased Na-K-ATPase activity’. 3rd National Brain Research Center International Conference, Manesar, India. December 13 – 15, 2006. REVIEWER: Journal of Cystis Fibrosis – 1, Impact factor 3.475  Open Journal of Biochemistry – 2 Advances in Life Science and Health – 1 Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuroimmunology – 1 Cellular and Molecular Biology – 6 The Journal of Surgery – 3 Advances in Molecular Diagnostics – 1 Clinical and Experimental Psychology – 1 Clinical depression – 1Cancer surgery - 1 Total = 18 EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER: International Scientific Journal

Academic positions:

Postdoc Research Scientist

Research interests:

Pathology, Neuroscience, CEll Biology

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