The ciliated protozoo Coleps, a frequent aquaria resident, is able to kill and eat zebrafish larvae.

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By Ms. Isabella Benvenuto , Dr. Daniel Rodriguez-Ithurralde
Corresponding Author Dr. Daniel Rodriguez-Ithurralde
Molecular Neuroscience, Instituto Clemente Estable (IIBCE), - Uruguay 11600
Submitting Author Ms. Isabella Benvenuto

Published on: 11-Mar-2011 10:28:45 PM GMT    Views: 7635



Coleps are common freshwater ciliated Prostomatea with barrel-shaped bodies, usually less than 100 micrometers long. They prey on a variety of aquatic organisms, including fish eggs and larva. Here we are showing them voraciously feeding from a dead zebrafish embryo. With its sharp teeth and its rapid revolution, they are able to kill and eat baby (4-7 day old) zebrafish (Mazanec, A. & Trevarrow, B., 1998). We found that they can make quickly disappear entire baby zebrafish stocks.

Mazanec, A. & Trevarrow, B., 1998, Zebrafish Sci. Monitor, Vol. 5.1., Scourge of the Baby Zebrafish

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