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Dr. Eugene Boland

Division Chief
Cardiovascular Innovation Institute (http://cv2i.org/)
302 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville, KY 40202

Brief Biography:

Eugene Boland, Ph.D., has over 15 years in laboratory research, with a specific focus in repairing structural congenital heart defects using various techniques to augment outflow tracts, repair septal defects and replace malformed heart valves.

After receiving his Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Marquette University in 1994 he worked for 6 years in the cardiovascular device field before returning to school to receive his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2004.

Dr. Boland has held senior research engineer and senior biomedical engineer positions with companies such as St. Jude Medical Inc., Cordis (a Johnson & Johnson Co.) and Resodyn Corp. He most recently held the position of principal scientist with Tissue Genesis, Inc. before accepting his current positions with University of Louisville and the CII.

Utilizing adipose-derived microvascular and adult stem cells (ADSCs) and microvascular fragments, Dr. Boland has developed an epicardial heart patch for "micro-CAVG", as well as initiated clinical trials to advance the therapeutic use of ADSCs for peripheral and coronary vascular diseases.

He has also co-developed ADSC specific digestion solutions for clinical and research applications, as well as developed applications and delivery systems for ADSCs in regenerative medicine and wound healing.

Dr. Boland has given 12 oral presentations and 14 poster presentations at national and international meetings, published 13 articles in peer-reviewed journals and written five book chapters. He holds two U.S. patents and has six externally and internally funded research grants currently in progress.



Academic positions:

Asst. Prof of Surgery at the University of Louisville

Chief, Division of Regenerative Medicine


Research interests:

Dr. Boland’s research focus is on material/polymer science, technology assessment, regulatory strategy, FDA and CE applications, vascular tissue engineering, tissue engineering scaffolds, cell/device interfaces, cell delivery soft tissue mechanics, adipose-derived stromal cells and electrospinning.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

The field of Biomedical Sciences is moving faster than any one laboratory or print journal can pace.  Publication backlogs exist in every major journal which hamper both senior investigators and up and coming scientists.  By providing an avenue for real-time critique and advice we can begin to collaborate more freely and faster.  This can unlock the hold a few key editors have on the dissemination of knowledge.  By providing post publication peer review, we can all see the raw information the authors intended rather than the picture a few reviewers and editors think is appropriate.