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Dr. Hemanth Vamanshankar

St John's Medical College Hospital, Bangalore.
#457, Deepanjali, G cross, Ideal Homes, 2nd Phase, Rajarajeshwari nagar, Bangalore.

Brief Biography:

(Included in CV)


Academic positions:

Presently finishing MRCS-ENT and DOHNS degrees from royal college of Surgeons, Edinburgh.


Research interests:

1. Worked as a research assistant in the field of Speech as a part of the weekly Speech clinic at St John’s medical college. Expertise in Videolaryngoscopy and Videostroboscopy.
2. Principal investigator for a study on “Analysis of patterns and protocol Adherence in Needle Stick Injuries in Health Care Personnel” .A retrospective observational study at a tertiary referral centre. Guide- Dr Ravi C Nayar. Professor and Head, Department of ENT.
3. Principle Investigator for a study on “Personality Traits in Patients with allergic Rhinitis”. A prospective observational study in a tertiary referral centre. Guide: Dr. Anita Ross. Professor, Department of ENT.
4. Co-  Investigator for a study on “ Anatomical Variations of the Frontal Sinus”. prospective observational study at a tertiary Referral centre. Guide – Dr Sreenivas. Associate Professor, Department of ENT.


Any other information:

1. Metallic Foreign Body Penetrating the carotid sheath: A case report. V Hemanth, N Arun, R Nandakumar. The Malaysian journal of Medical Sciences. 2010. Volume 17.Issue 4.
2. An Assessment of Post Operative Pain in Patients undergoing Tonsillectomy. C Jagdish , V Hemanth, C  Shilpa, M Kapila, R C Nayar. Otorinolaringologia 2010 December; 60(4):239-43.
3. Cavernous Hemangioma of the Maxillary and Ethmoid sinus treated   endoscopically. N Arun, V Hemanth, B Manjula, R Anita, C Marjorie. Otorinolaringologia 2011 March; 61(1):19-22.
4. Meningioma presenting as a mass in the External auditory canal. V Hemanth, V Sreenivas, C Jagdish. Internet Journal of Otolaryngology.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It would be great to give my inputs from my field to such a vast area such as yours