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Dr. Qingwen Qian

Consultant medical doctor
1st Affiliated Hospital
No. 40, Daxue Road, Zhengzhou

Brief Biography:

After Dr. Qingwen Qian received his medical and research degrees, he is eager to find the cure of diabetes and its related chronic complications. So, he continued his training on medicine in University of Bristol, UK; University of Kentucky, US, University of Essex, UK. At the same time, he combined the basic research with clinical application. He established a biomarker, which has been applied in department of medicine, 1st Affiliated Hospital, University of Zhengzhou, to monitor the development of diabetic vascular complication. Dr. Qingwen Qian has published over 65 English and Chinese peer-reviewed scientific papers, more than 20 international and national scientific conferences and 5 Chinese scientific books.


Academic positions:

Consultant Medical Doctor (University of Zhengzhou, China)

Staff Scientist (Sanford Research/USD, US)


Research interests:

Diabetes and its related complications, complimentary medicine


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It is really precious open resource. Basic researchers and clinical medical experts work together, bring new concept and new technology, make life science move forward.