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Prof. Karien Jooste

University of the Wetstern Cape
Modderdam road private bag 17 bellville

Brief Biography:

Prof Karien Jooste started her nursing education career in 1982 in Namibia. She tutored nursing management and leadership at the Universities of Namibia, South Africa, Johannesburg and is currently at the University of the Western Cape. The academic landscape took her through undertaking marketing of Unisa programmes in Africa, assisting in post graduate supervision in Namibia and serving as a full council member of SANC. She has supervised a number of post-graduate master and doctoral students in a variety of nursing and health disciplines.

She is an editor/author of various prescribed textbooks in the field of nursing leadership and health care service management, supervision and ethos and professional practice. and her first publication on preceptorship (staff development) was published in 1995. In 2004 she received the Juta award for the most esteemed author of the year. She has published several articles in national and international accredited journals and is serving on national and international editorial boards of accredited nursing journals. Currently, she is serving as the guest editor of the October 2011 issue of the internationally accredited Journal of Nursing Management. She has also recently be appointed as a professional editor for Health SA Gesondheid.

She has presented at and formed part of numerous organising committees of international nursing and health care conferences in more than 40 countries. She has developed and offered leadership short courses for nurse managers in the mine industry. She is currently busy with independent research, due to National Research Foundation Grant to conduct research in self-leadership of the youth in primary health care settings in Region B of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Area. 2010 –

She is a perment  Abstract and grant reviewer for Professional service to the applicants for conferences at Sigma Theta Tau International. Also a member of the International Research Committee of ICN (International Council for Nurses).


Editor and author of several prescribed books.

Publisher of international articles.

Co issue editor. Health SA Gesondheid. Accredited journal. From 2011.

External reviewer on the Editorial board of the (multipurpose, accredited, electronic) Namibia Development Journal. 2009-2011

Member of panel of international reviewers of articles placed in the Accredited Journal: Nursing Ethics in 2004-2010

Editorial board member and reviewer for Accredited Journal: Journal of Nursing Management in 2005-2011.

Member of the International Advisory Board of “Reflections on Nursing Leadership” (RNL) January 2007-December 2009.

Committee member on the leadership Succession Committee of Tau Lamda-at-large Chapter of STTI for the period 1 September 2005-2009

Member of the ICN  NP/APN Research subgroup. 

Inaugurated member of the Unisa Honor Society of Nurses in 1995

Inaugurated member of the African Honor Society of Nurses in 2001, 2002-09-09

Member of the organising committee of the African Honor Society for the conference in Dar es Salaam in September 2003.

Reviewer of Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery – 2006-2011

Member Editorial Board of Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery 2006-2011

Appointed to act as an international member of a world task team on leadership development for STTI. 2008 to 2009. Completed a global leadership program for nurses under the chairperson Nancy Dickson Hazard (President STTI).

2010 – 2012    Abstract and grant reviewer: Professional service to the applicants and Sigma Theta Tau International

National Research Foundation of South Africa grant for community engagement programme titled “Self leadership program for youth” for 2011 to 2013. Reference: CEP20101002000017989.

Blog: Stepping stones in nursing. Reflections of nursing leadership Journal. 2 weekly


Academic positions:

1980 – 1982: Registered Nurse Windhoek Hospital
1982 – 1985: Professional & Senior Professional nurse
1986 – 1989: Lecturer: Department Grade Studies (Nursing Administration, Nursing Education), Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences, University of Namibia
1990 – 1992: Junior lecturer:Department of Advanced Nursing Sciences Unisa, South Africa
1993 – 1996: Lecturer:Department of Advanced Nursing Sciences Unisa, South Africa
1997 – 2002: Senior lecturer:Department of Advanced Nursing Sciences Unisa
2002 - 2007: Associate Professor, University of Johannesburg
2008 - 2011: Full Professor, University of Johannesburg
2011 (From July): Full Professor, University of Western Cape


Research interests:

Post doctoral studies/ independent research
1. Motivation of nurses in health services in Gauteng 1999-2003. Study completed and results published.
2. Leadership in a changing environment in health care settings in Gauteng. 2001 - 2002. Study completed and results published.
3. Career management among student nurses at a University in Gauteng. 2002-2003. Study completed and published.
4. Independent research: The role of the leader in promoting ethical sensitivity amongst student nurses. 2004-2005. Results presented at conferences.
5. Independent research: The curricula for RPL in nursing management 2009. Results published in International Journal of Nursing Management September 2010.
Currently: Contract workers in nursing education.
6. Selfleadership among the youth in Primary health care (grant)


Any other information:

International Publications
1. The Empowerment of Nurses in Health Organizations, University of Iceland, Nursing Research Paper Series, vol.1, pp.455-464, 1997. Proceedings of the first International Nursing Conference, Connecting conversations of nursing, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 20-22, 1995.
2. Caring attributes, professional self concept and technological influences in a sample of registered nurses in eleven countries, International Journal of Nursing Studies, Vol. 36, No.5, 1999. (Co-author)
3. Jooste,K. Leadership: A new perspective. Vol 21, Issue 12, July 2004, pp.217-223, Journal of Nursing Management.
4. Nyathi,M & Jooste,K. 2007. Personal factors contributing to absenteeism in the workplace: the perspective of some South African nurses. Asian Journal of Nursing. Vol 10,No.2, pp. 97-106.
5. Jooste,K 2007. Leadership – moving forward.  Conference proceedings. International conference on leadership in a changing landscape 2007.  ISBN 983-42285. www.unitar.edu.my/fba_conf/index.html
6. Editorial: promoting sustainability through collaboration. Reflections of nursing leadership Journal. Second quarter 2007. p.5.
7. Gantz,Nancy Gantz (editor) 2010: “101” Global leadership lessons for nurses: Shared legacies from leaders and their mentees. Publication sponsored by STTI. Chapter 46 “Leading yourself”.
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9. Blog: Stepping stones in nursing. Reflections of nursing leadership Journal. 2 weekly
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11. Journal of Nursing Management, vol 19, pp. 833-836. Issue published online: 12 OCT 2011
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13. Amakugo,H & Jooste,K 2011. A management  model for male partner involvement in reproductive health services. (Accepted, 2012) Journal of Nursing management
14. Jooste,K & Jasper M 2011. A South African perspective: Reflecting on health care service management and education in nursing. Journal of nursing management (Busy with corrections).
Scientific Journals:
1. Jooste, K. & Potgieter, E. 2001.
Report: Visit to Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand 2001, Health SA Gesondheid Vol 6, No 3, pp.87-90
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Other publications:
1. Jooste,K and Ehlers V. 2001 Distance education in nursing. Africa Health, May 2001, p11.
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3. Jooste, K. Hospital and Nursing Yearbook 2001: International trends in health care settings.
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