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Dr. Naser Al-Wabel

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Toxicology
Qassim University

Brief Biography:

Dr. Naser A. Al-Wabel (DVM, MSc, Ph.D)
Associate Prof. of Cardiovascular Pharmacology & Toxicology
Former Dean of the College of Pharmacy,
Buraidah 51441, Saudi Arabia


Academic positions:

Academic Appointment:

1993-1994: Demonstrator and assistant lecturer, Pharmacology department, Vet medicine, Qassim University.

1995- 2003: Master degree and PhD students at Ohio state university, United States of America.

2004- 2008: Assistant professor of cardiovascular pharmacology, Vet. medicine, Qassim University.

2008- up to date Associate professor of cardiovascular pharmacology, Vet. medicine,Qassim, University.

Administrative Appointment: 

2008 - up to March 2010 Dean of Pharmacy College,QassimUniversity.

2008 - up to March 2010 Member of University Council,QassimUniversity.

2008 - up to date Member of Pharmacy College Council, Qassim University.

2007- 2008 Vice Dean ofPharmacyCollege,QassimUniversity.

2007- up to date Member of Dental College Council,QassimUniversity.

2006- 2007 Associate Dean of thecollegeofApplied Medical Sciences.

2006- up to date Member of Agriculture andVetMedicineCollege,QassimUniversity.


Research interests:

Research Interests:

1.Applied and Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Drugs Interactions.

2.Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Drugs.                                                

3.Autonomic Pharmacology.

4.Medicinal Plants; Efficacy and Toxicity of Herbal Plants.

5.Drugs Residues in Animals Tissues and Food Products (Meat, Milk, Eggs, and Honey).


Any other information:

Memberships in Professional Societies:

1-AmericanCollegeof Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP1) pending membership # 2994 since 2010.

2-Saudi Pharmaceutical Society (SPS) membership # 4531 since 2006.

3-Saudi Veterinary Medicine Association (SVMA) as a Scientific Reviewer since 2005.

4-Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA); a Futuristic member 2005.

5-TheOhioStateUniversityAlumni Association 2004.


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