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Dr. Necdet Kocabiyik

Associate Prof.
Gulhane Military Medical Academy
Department of Anatomy, Etlik

Brief Biography:

I was born in Balkesir in 1974. I graduated from Balkesir Zühtü Özkardeler highschool.In 1991 I started GATA Military Faculty of Medicine and graduated in March 1998 as First Lieutenant Physician. After lasting 3 month smilitary training at Samsun Field Medical School in April 1998 I worked as trainee physician at GATA. In October 1998 I assigned to rnak/Balca 3th Gendarme Border Battalion. After two years old mission, I assigned to Kütahya Gendarme Private Training Battalion. In 20 October 2001, I joined to GATA Department of Anatomy. I finished my lasting two years education in October 2003. I finished to specialize anatomy in 2 years I assigned to GATA Department of Anatomy as specialist. I became assistant proffesor in 7 December 2006. In 16 December 2008 I became associated proffessor. I stil work at GATA Department of Anatomy. I am married. I have a son and I know English.


Academic positions:

Associated Proffessor


Research interests:

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17. Varol A, Sencimen M, Kocabiyik N, Gulses A, Ozan H. Clinical and anatomical aspects of possible mylohyoid nerve injury during genioplasties. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2009 Oct;38(10):1084-7. Epub 2009 Jul 21. (B grubu)
18. Huseyin Avni Balcioglu, Cenk Kilic,  Altan Varol, Hasan Ozan, Necdet Kocabiyik, Mehmet Yildirim. A Morphometric Study of the Maxillary Artery and Lingula in Relation to Mandibular
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20. Cil Y, Kocabιyιk N, Ozturk S, Isik S, Ozan H. A New Perforator Flap From Distal Medial Arm: A Cadaveric Study. Eplasty. 2010 Oct 18;10:e65


Any other information:

My Books:
1. Prof.Dr. Hasan Ozan, Doç.Dr. Necdet Kocabyk, Uzm.Dr. Barçn Orhan Barlas. Tp Terminolojisi Anatomiye Balangç. ISBN 978-975-409-578-4, GATA Basmevi, Ankara 2010.
2. Anatomi Atlas. Editörler Anne M. Gilroy, Brian R. MacPherson, Lawrence M. Ross. Genel Çeviri Yönetmenleri H. Hamdi Çelik, C. Cem Denk. Sayfa 197-203, Palme Yaynclk, Ankara 2010.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Always nice to share the scientific environment and leads to new ideas.