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Dr. Ratnakar Deole

Assistant Professor
Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Science

Brief Biography:

Completed Under-graduation from University of Mumbai, India with a dual degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry with a minor in Biotechnology Completed MS in Biochemistry from University of Mumbai Worked as a Researcher at Workhardt Pharmaceuticals in Mumbai, India Completed PhD from Oklahoma State University in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Currently working as a Assistant Prof of Biochemistry at NSU-BA


Academic positions:


1. 2011: present Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry (Tenure Track),Department of Natural Sciences, Northeastern State University, Broken Arrow, OK.
2. 2010-2011: Research Associate, Oklahoma State University.
3. 2006-2010: Teaching Assistant, Oklahoma State University.
4. 2003-2005: Research Executive, Wockhardt Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai, India.    
5. 2002-2003: Research Analyst, Ascho Analytical Services, Mumbai, India.

Awards and Honors

1. 2013: Invited Presentation at American Physics Society, March meeting, Baltimore-Maryland
2. 2012: Invited Speaker at Tulsa Community College, Southeast Campus, Tulsa-OK.
3. 2010: Second prize for Poster presentation at 21st Annual Research symposium and Research Conference at Oklahoma State University.
4. 2010: First prize for oral presentation at American Society for Microbiology Spring meeting.
5. 2009: Nominated for Arts & Sciences Student Council Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award at Oklahoma State University.
6. 2005: Award for recognition of significant contribution towards research and development of B12fermentation in R&D department of Wockhardt Limited.


Research interests:

1. Physiology of extreme halophiles Approximately 97% of all water on earth is present in saline oceans, saline lakes, inland seas, and saline groundwater. Thus, saline and hypersaline environments are highly abundant and of great ecological significance. We are examining halophilic adaptations in Halorhodospira halochloris, one of the most halophilic organisms known. This work is guided by our determination of the genome sequence of this organism. Currently we are focusing on the use of different osmoprotectants under various growth conditions.
2. Bacterial genomics and bioinformatics: Genome-based studies We are using bacterial genomes to better understand bacterial physiology. We are completing an analysis of the genome of H. halochloris, an extremophilic and aeaerobic purople photosysnthetic Proteobacterium. The information obtained from the genomic data is guiding our studies on the halophilic adaptations in this organism. We are following a similar approach to obtain clues for bioenergy production by cyanobacteria Oscillatoria limnetica.


Any other information:


1. McKenzie AU, Deole R. Unique biochemical pathway for shikimic acid metabolism in O.limnetica. Trends in BioChemistry. 2013, Volume 22. U-Undergraduate research student in Deole lab group
2. McKenzie AU, Deole R. Genome mining of the draft genome of O. limnetica reveals mycosporine like amino acids genes. Recent Developments in Biotechnology. 2013, Volume 8. U-Undergraduate research student in Deole lab group.
3. Challacome JF, Majid S, Deole R, Lapidus A, Ivanova N, Hoff WD. Complete genome sequence of Halorhodospira halophila SL1. Standards in Genomics.2013, 8(2).
4. Deole R, Hoff WD. Using extremely halophilic bacteria to understand the role of surface charge and surface hydration in protein evolution, folding, and function. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 2013, 58(1).
5. Deole R. “Use of halophile physiology and adaptations in various industrial applications”. Res. J. Biotech, 2013, 8(2):1-3
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