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  • Intraosseous cavernous hemangioma: A rare nasal tumour
    Abstract : The nasal cavity harbors a wide variety of benign and malignant neoplasms. Benign neoplasms include those arising in epitelial and soft tissues. Hemangioma is an infrequent neoplasm of the nasal cavity, mostly arising in the mucosa and rarely in the bone. We report a case of an intraosseous cavernous hemangioma arising..
    By Mrs. Ines F Gambôa on 31st Aug 2017 Full Text PDF
  • A Case Study of Teaching Public Health to Graduate Students in Speech Language Pathology
    Abstract : Orienting speech language pathology graduate students about the core areas of public health and building relevant associated competencies in this area is becoming more and more important in the field. The purpose of this case study was to document the experiences of designing, implementing and evaluating a graduate lev..
    By Dr. Vinayak K Nahar on 24th Jul 2017 Full Text PDF
  • A brief overview of the role of CA 15.3 in breast cancer
    Review: Cancer antigen 15-3 (CA 15-3) is an epitope of the transmembrane glycoprotein MUC1 (mucin 1 or polymorphic epithelial mucin). Mucins line the surface of epithelial cells in several organs and protect the body from infections as prevent the pathogen from reaching the cell surface.  It is overexpressed in several cancer..
    By Dr. Esther Una Cidon on 27th Jun 2017 Full Text PDF
  • Tyrosine kinases inhibitors: interactions and safe use
    Abstract : Tyrosine kinases inhibitors (TKI) are small molecules that interfere with cell signalling and target selected malignancies. The concern associated with oral drugs is related to their low and unpredictable bioavailability. In the past years, several TKI have been introduced in oncology and the risk of serious drug-drug ..
    By Dr. Esther Una Cidon on 05th Jun 2017 Full Text PDF
  • Wormhole of Mind
    My opinion: I never realized that my recent awakening about the existence of Einstein-Rosen bridges (wormholes) in the space-time fabric will lead me to revisit one of my all time favorite movie - Ghost (1990) [1]. When Sam the Ghost is searching for poltergeist in the subway, it was portrayed that while standing on the subway pla..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 05th Jun 2017 Full Text PDF
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