• Webmed Looking for Investors

We are a company  which aims to reform academic biomedical publishing by bringing some fresh concepts into it through its online publishing portals WebmedCentral and WebmedCentral plus  We have been around for three years now and have found some support amongst academicians with more than 6000 researchers from all over the world already with us (many hundreds of them respected professors from top universities). We have come thus far with our own money and time and have also been noticed  by industry analysts as serious people who have a vision

Deepak Kejariwal  (CEO of company and a consultant gastroenterologist in UK with NHS) and Kamal Mahawar (Chairman of the company and a bariatric surgeon in UK with NHS) co-founded this venture with some friends more than three years ago. We are now at a stage when we feel we are ready to take more friends into the fold. We are looking for both guidance and money from investors and industry experts to maintain our technical platforms and market our concept more widely.
if you are interested in being a part of this movement, please write to us at Kamal.Mahawar@webmedcentral.co.uk or Deepak.Kejariwal@webmedcentral.co.uk