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Improper spacing inbetween many words

‘Ocimumcanum’ should be ‘Ocimum canum’

Introduction – 2nd column 8th last line – ‘atherosclerotic plagues’ instead it is ‘plaques’

Are these two places same or different - Brahmapur. Odisha and Berhampur, Orissa – in methods and place of purchase of chemicals

Methods -  grouping should in tabular form for better clarity giving all full forms of abbreviations used

Statistical analysis - Values are expressed in Mean+SD (P – sentence is incomplete

Table I and II – concentration of what? And what are units used?

Table III – what does HI, SOD, MDA stand for? Units not given

Table IV and V – concentration of what? All illustrations should be self explanatory

‘p’ value and ANOVA tests not used either in discussion or in tables

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Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for your valuable suggestions...I have taken your suggestions into consideration and have made the necessary changes..i hope now this paper would be more informative. With regards Saiprasanna Behera
Responded by Mrs. Saiprasanna Behera on 14 Apr 2012 04:37:31 AM