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Great article
Posted by Dr. RAM LAKHAN on 18 Jan 2018 12:10:34 AM GMT

I find this paper very significant and useful in developing public health research skills among emerging research scholars. The paper is well written, and it is well supported with evidence. Doctoral trainees in public health are expected to develop research skills and gain substantial research experience before they graduate from the program. This paper presents descriptive details, content, and step by step information for teaching research methods to African American doctoral students specializing in health promotion. It is important to note here that the representation of African-American students is poor in doctoral programs compared to their peers from other ethnicities. Therefore, such publications and initiatives of developing a course module is a need based effort that authors have made successfully. The module is well balanced with theoretical and practical inputs. Universities and public health schools which are building programs in this direction can adopt this module to strengthen their program and meet unmet needs of their doctoral students from minorities.

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