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Published on: 11 Mar 2014 12:41:20 PM GMT
Comments by Dr. Valenti
Posted by Prof. Francisco R Breijo-Marquez on 31 Jul 2014 06:35:11 AM GMT

I read the comments by Dr. Valenti
Some clarifications.
1. In "Introduction" section of any clinical work does not should to appear bibliography ever .  Instead, always should be done it in Discussion section.

2 it is not necessary to include a protocol of Ethics Committee since that is an isolated clinical case.
3. the author has sought to expose an  very unknown cardiological entity. It is clear that in the  Discussion section, the author could be extended, but he did not consider it appropriate for this kind of clinical work.
In any case, many thanks for  the review.

Despite the fact that cardiology and electrocardiographic studies have advanced greatly in the last fifteen years, there are still many alterations little known or misdiagnosed.
This electrocardiographic pattern is one of them.
The coexistence of a short PR interval and QT interval too short in the same electrocardiographic tracing is much more common than we thought.
Inexorably all those affected by this pattern had lithium levels in extremely low blood.
In almost all cases, the clinical manifestations are very similar to epileptic seizures, however there is no cerebral substrate justifying such diagnosis. It is time to think that a cardiac problem like this presented, may be the cause of such epileptic manifestations