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In accordance with our first principle of facilitating communications amongst biomedical researchers, WebmedCentral encourages other journals to use our platform as long as they can satisfy our core principles.

An official representative of journal/Institute wishing to use our platform will need to register with us using “Associated journal” link on our homepage. Once approved, you can create a journal/institute home page on WebmedCentral and also to submit articles. Obviously, journal/Institute must have the copyright to the content they want to publish on WebmedCentral transferred to them by the authors of the manuscript. It is solely the responsibility of the journal/institute and/or the person acting on their behalf to ensure that they do not violate any third party rights or copyrights. Manuscript may need minor alteration to meet our requirements. Please check our “Instructions for Authors” for details.

For submitting an article, journal representatives will have admin rights to submit past articles from their journal or submit other articles on behalf of their users. You may wish to direct your users to your journal home page for direct submissions. All submissions from your home page will be ascribed to your journal. If your article has undergone prepublication peer review, we suggest that you either submit those reviews during article submission or an invitation from you to those reviewers to come on our platform and post their reviews. These services are currently completely free to any journal/institute wishing to work with us. However we do offer a paid premium upload service for us to upload your articles. These articles can be sent to us in a digital format using either email, CDs etc.

We also urge journals/institutes wanting to use our platform to give authors of manuscripts they turn down after their peer review analysis an equal opportunity of publishing on WebmedCentral by letting them know that WebmedCentral, with its post publication peer review model, will publish all genuine articles submitted to it. These manuscripts if subsequently submitted and published on WebmedCentral will not appear on the concerned journal’s/institute’s webpage.